Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 16, 2013

Well, it's been a big couple of days, here at the MTC.  I don't really know where to start, so I guess I'll start with the important stuff.

On Tuesday, we had a devotional by Elder Nelson, which was awesome.  I sang in the choir so I got to be in the auditorium without waiting in line for an hour and a half.  It was a great address, and it was super cool to have a member of the quorum of the 12 in the room.  He talked a lot about missionary work, and he said some cool stuff like, "obedience brings success.  Exact obedience brings blessings."  And "This life is not a place to rest, but a place to progress.  If it were a place to rest, why would we bother with mortality?"  Those were some pretty cool things to hear because we've been a little lax in our district about being exact in our obedience.  Except for being on time for class.  Our teachers make us street contact in Indonesian if we are late, so we're always on time.  But going to bed and waking up are a bit of a struggle sometimes.  But not the last two nights.  It was a really cool devotional.

I've been picking up the language really quickly, I think.  I can pray, bear my testimony, and teach poorly in Indonesian, and it's only been eight days.  We had an "investigator" named Colin, and we've taught him five lessons.  It's hard, though.  We taught the first discussion after less than 48 hours of being in the MTC.  That was a struggle.  But we've made a lot of progress, so that's good. 

My companion is Elder Wood, and he's from Ogden.  He's a cool guy, and we get along really well.  Honestly, we get along really well with all of our district.  We have 10 Indonesian missionaries, which is a bunch more than I was expecting.  If you're curious, our district is Elder Murphy, Elder Barrus, Elder McCleary, Elder Blaser, Elder Gil, Elder Kyle, Sister Sheffield, Sister Jibson, Elder Wood, and I.  I have pictures of all of them, and I'm going to see if I can't send them.  But the computers are kind of sketchy and don't always upload pictures.  So we'll see what makes it's way over there.

I really enjoy things here, even though it kind of seems like we do the same thing every day and count time by how long until the next meal or until we go to bed...  That's kind of strange, but I guess I'll live with it.  Also, the food is pretty good, and I eat way too much.  They feed us a LOT of food.  I eat way more than I should.  We get pretty good stuff, there's usually three options of things to eat, hot food.  Like for lunch they'll have burgers (always), rice and chicken, and lasagna.  Lunch and dinner have very similar food, I mean not the same, it's always different, but there's a lot of things to eat, and it's all pretty good.  But I'm enjoying it while I've got it, because we're (our zone) is moving to Rain Tree apartments on the 30th.  Well, the rest of the zone is moving the 29th, but we're moving the 30th because our class is being visited by a member of the seventy, Randy D Funk, who went to Indonesia back when it was being opened, and he's visiting on the 29th. 

My teachers are super cool, Brother Meek and Sister Collins.  They both served in Indonesia in the past few years, so they've got some pretty great stories.  They're super cool teachers, too. Church is interesting.  In church, they have a topic, and everyone prepares a talk, and then after the sacrament, the branch president tells us who's going to speak...  It's kind of scary, and we learned about faith.  In priesthood, we learned about enduring to the end.  And there's no Sunday school, they just expect you to teach yourself.

I can't wait to get to Indonesia.  I've heard so many cool/scary things about it over there...  I can't wait to eat the food, and I can't wait to get a tapeworm, and I can't wait to eat food that's so spicy you don't feel it in your mouth, your stomach just aches and you sweat like crazy.  I can't wait to experience a natural disaster or fly to the next area.  It's going to be insane over there, but I'm so dang excited.  

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