Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30, 2013

Hey everyone,

Well, I'm in Malang.  And it's definitely not cold.  It's pretty much just as hot as everywhere else.  The only time I feel cold is in the mornings and evenings when I shower.  Because we sweat so much, we shower twice a day.  And the water has just been sitting there all day, so it's freezing.   Sometimes, it takes me a solid five minutes to work up the courage to dump it on my head.  Crazy.  

The work is pretty good here, and it's nice that we don't have to take ankots everywhere.  Those take a long time.  Instead, we bike everywhere.  Which is pretty scary, because it's pretty much rush hour traffic all the time here.  But I've been safe so far, so that's good.  I also haven't been sick yet.  Which is strange because everyone I talk to has been sick.  Not that I'm complaining.  I like being healthy.

The work is good here in Malang.  We teach two or three lessons a day at this point, but we've only got two progressing investigators.  People like to invite us in because we're unique and I'm white, but they really don't have any interest in changing their lives.  So you know, whatever.  We'll still teach.  And it's good because teaching helps my language.  My companion, Elder Suryono, speaks more English than I was led to believe, but he still speaks very little.  So my language skills are improving rapidly.  It's nice.
Also, the computer here is set to Indonesian, so it thinks I'm spelling every word wrong.  It's really disconcerting to see every single word underlined in red.  Or green.  I can never remember which one means misspelled and which one means bad grammar, not that I could tell...
We get to go to Surabaya on Wednesday and spend the night there for Zone Conference on Thursday.  We get to meet the new mission president and so that's exciting.  I also hear that it's way hot there.  Like 40 degrees Celsius.  Crazy.  

We have an investigator who we're going to invite to be baptized later this week.  He’s a really cool man.  He's about 25, I think, and he's been to church a bunch of times, and he has great questions.  Hopefully he's ready to make covenants, but if not, then we'll keep teaching him.  We have a sports night every Saturday where we play basketball and volleyball and chess, and he comes to that, too.  He really likes the whole social aspect of our church, and he has a testimony of the gospel, so hopefully he accepts it into his life.

Well, my time's up.  This past hour of emailing has cost me a whole 35 cents.  Things are so cheap here.  Enjoy the pics from the past 2 weeks.

Elder Heiner

Flying into Jakarta

Stacked.  $40 American, my money for 2 weeks.

Arjuno.  There are statues like this all over.

The first meal I bought in Indonesia.
It's Tofu, Tempe, Goringan, veggies, and rice.
 And it cost something like $1.20.
All my meals look like this, more or less.

This is me in front of our house.
Just for you, Mom.
My Bike.  No, it doesn't have a name.
But the brakes are backward.
Right hand to the front wheel and left to the back.
Apparently it's an Indonesian thing.

Our house, most of it.
If the doorways look short, it's because they are.
 I have to duck or I hit my head.  It's the worst.

Our bathroom.
That tub thing is the sink, toilet paper,
flushing mechanism, and shower.
We're all about 

Typical alley with houses and stuff.
Also, Elder Suryono texting our next appointment
to make sure they're still there.

Lizards.  They're everywhere.  Like on the ceiling 
 Elder Suryono thinks it's so funny that I got excited
 and took a picture of one

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