Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

Dear All,
So, for computer use, we go to what are called Warnets, which is a cross between warung, which is a restaurant on the side of the road, and internet, the meaning of which should be obvious. And the internet is SO SLOW.  My apologies, you might not get any pictures this week, because my camera refuses to upload them at any reasonable speed.  But I have some cool ones.  

We went to a museum earlier today, and it's Indonesian and different, so you can touch stuff and take pictures.  So there's one of me and Elder Suryono and a really old car, and of us in a tank. Sister Allred has some of us with guns, so hopefully I can get those.  Indonesia, right?  Update: They worked.  I guess I just had to be patient.  Go figure.

My companion, Elder Suryono, is from Bondun, which is near Jakarta.  He's been out here for a little over a year.  He's the third of four kids, I think, and at least one older sister served a mission.  I don't really know...  We don't talk about ourselves a lot.  Surprise, right?  

This week has been interesting.  We went to Surabaya on Wednesday, and we had to leave at 11 because it takes about 3 hours to go the 60 or 70 miles...  And the sisters had to check into their hotel at 2.  We just slept at the Surabaya Elder's home, but there are no sisters there, so they got a hotel.  But it was super dingy, so I'm not jealous.  It was cool to meet the other Elders in our zone.  I only say Elders because our sisters are the only ones in the zone...  The Manado Elders came down, too, which was cool.  They only come to every other zone conference because planes are expensive.  I gave a talk on our responsibility to help others repent.  And it was really strange because I was talking in Indonesian, and Elder Coleman, who's currently serving in Manado, was translating me into English for all of the mission couples.  There are three couples, one in Malang, one in Surabaya, and one in Manado.  We got to meet President Donald, and he's a pretty cool guy.  He has a thick Australian accent, even in Indonesian.  And after PLD, we played futsol.  And I'm really bad.  But I make a decent keeper, but mostly because I'm big and have OK reflexes.  Elder Suryono's really good, though.  Because of PLD, the work is a little slow this week.  PLD took up two days of proselyting, and on Tuesday we went 2 for 10 houses, and on Friday we went 0 for 6.  I'm not worried, I know I'm doing my best, it's just unfortunate that those people won't benefit from our message.  We'll try again this week, though.  I think that teaching out of PMG is a great idea.  It's simple, clear, and helps answer pretty much all the questions.  I really like studying it; I try to study some from it every day.  

We didn't get to meet with our investigator this week, we usually teach him on Thursday nights, but we were getting home from PLD late, so that didn't work out.  He did come to branch family night, which was good.  Hopefully we can teach him this week.  We did place a Book of  Mormon.  I doubt it will go anywhere, though.  But who knows? 

I'm still healthy.  I testify that prayer works.  There's no other explanation, I'm pretty sure cobra blood wears off after a little while.   I haven't eaten any more snakes, but I did have fried snail.  It wasn't that great.  Too crunchy.  And I've kicked the habit of biting the nails on my left hand. Amanda, movies… since coming on a mission, I've seen Joseph Smith: prophet of the Restoration, The Testaments, Numerous recorded devotionals, The District training videos, and Mormons and Mobsters.  The last one's pretty funny, I would recommend it.    

I'm having a blast.
Yep, that's Malang this week.  I hope life is going well.

Elder Heiner
We teach an inactive member who lives through here.
It is like another world.
The mosque that always wakes me up at 4:30
for about a minute and a half
with the call to prayer.
Elder Suryono and I at the museum entrance.
The museum also had a library with an
Indonesian volume of Moby Dick and the Bible, the only
2 books there that I had read.  Except not the Apocrypha
part.  And the fact that they were in Indonesian.
Elder Suryono and I with an old car.  It's a Desoto.
Elder Suryono thought that was really funny
because soto is a type of food.
Elder Suryono and I in a tank at the museum.
Elder Suryono and a sign that says something
about how one cigarette is like an egg
or two pieces of tofu and two pieces of tempe.
I'm not really sure what the point was.

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