Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Well, this week has been pretty normal, as far as I know what normal is.  Except Monday and Tuesday people still weren't back from Liburan.  We did service with the DKP sweeping the roundabout in front of the city building.  I think I've sent pictures of both of those; the roundabout has the fountain with the weird pointy thing in the center.  I'm really not sure how effective sweeping  is because the wind will blow and leaves will go everywhere.  But then "No Effort Is Wasted", right?  Hopefully people will see us and be interested.  That's how Andre (our first investigator who moved to Bekasi) came in contact with the church.

We had an Independence Day party with the branch, and that was pretty cool.  It was just like every ward party I've ever been to.  The real activities didn't start until about two hours after the said start time, but everyone was happy to just talk, and then we had a water balloon toss, a couple of relay races, we ate food, played volleyball, just like in America.  The church culture is the same everywhere, I guess.

We taught a great lesson last night, it was to a less active family who are really starting to become active.  They had two sick kids, about Luke's age and Amanda's age.  So we gave them blessings, and then gave a lesson about hope.  It was way good.  They really want to go to the temple, and they've been saving a little money here and there so that they can go.  It's going to be a long time, though.  Trying to save $200/person at $0.05 a day takes a long time.  Also, the dad picked his smoking and drinking coffee habits back up, so we made some goals to help him quit again.  It was a really great lesson, and they're a fantastic family.  They're going to be fine. 

Also, I realized this week that the people in the training videos are nothing like the people in real life.  It's nice and all, to see that there are people who read their homework and think of good questions and don't have problems, but the people we teach are not like that.  I’ll tell you about some of them.  Like, we have one investigator who likes to learn and he has good questions, but he has a bad leg which prevents him from getting to church.  Plus, he can't read, so we can't give him assignments.  We teach a seventh-day Adventist that loves the church, believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is true, and the whole nine yards.  But he can't get over the fact that the Sabbath isn't Saturday.  We have an investigator who visited with missionaries before us, stopped lessons with them, and told them that he'd come to church when he finished reading the Book of Mormon.  He showed up to church a couple of weeks ago, and we haven't been able to get a lesson with him because he left right after Sacrament meeting and we don't know his contact information.  We teach a young man who wants to be baptized but if he gets baptized, his grandmother will quit paying for his college.  And another young man in a similar situation, but his parents will disown him.  That's hard for a 15 year old.  And another man who really reads what we give him and has great questions, but is reluctant to pray for knowledge because he feels like the Lord didn't hear his prayer for a wife.  He's 25 and unmarried.  Then there is a really strong Christian woman that doesn't really like the Book of Mormon, but she's referred us to about six of her friends, and we don't know why, but it's not worth questioning...  We are glad to have people to teach.
Interesting fact I haven’t written about…  We don’t ever drink water from the tap.  We buy water in the 19 liter containers that you see in office water coolers.  It's about $1.30 to get three of them delivered on command, so maybe once every two weeks, or week and a half, we call in and the water guy shows up.  No one drinks the water from the tap here.  Even if you're dirt poor, you buy water.  Anyway, I had a headache for a couple of days.  That's the first sickness I've had in this mission, so no complaints.
Elder Heiner

Me with a half eaten chicken foot.
Very delicious, once you get over the fact
that it's a chicken foot.
The obligatory picture with me in it at the
branch Independence Day party.

Our Branch President has swag.
My police escort van lego set.
Reminds me of Luke.

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