Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

Well, a lot happened this week, and we'll see if I get past the big news:
I got transferred!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Really?
A: Yes
Q: Weren't you only in Malang for 2 months?
A: To the day.
Q: And you moved before Elder Suryono?
A: Yes, yes I did.
Q: When did you find out? 
A: Friday morning, during companionship study with Elder Rondonwu, one of the zone leader.  They were here for exchanges.
Q: Is that why all your emails were a day late this week?
A: Yes.
Q: Wait, where'd you move to?
A: Bekasi 2nd ward
Q: Who's your companion?
A: Elder Wiradi, from Tanggarang
Q: How long's he been in Bekasi?
A: Less than a day, same as me.  He moved from Jogya yesterday.
Q: Have the Elders in Bekasi 1st ward been helpful?
A: Yes.  Elder S Martoyo has been here and healthy enough to leave the house for 3 days, and Elder Gil moved in with Elder Wiradi and me.
Q: So all four elders are new?
A: Yep.
Q: How long has your companion been in the mission?
A: Two years minus 32 days.  
Q: How's Bekasi so far?
A: Hot.  Really hot.  
Q: You still safe and healthy?
A: Yes.

Well, my time's up, and that's that.  Hello from Bekasi, and I hope you're all doing well.  
Elder Heiner

PS Sorry, no pictures.  We're emailing from the church and we're not allowed to plug in external devices for virus reasons.  Next week?

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