Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

This week, I have two stories to tell.  They're both about why you should always follow the Spirit, but one is a "Why You Should Always Follow the Spirit Because Good Things Happen When You Do" kind of story, and the other is a "Why You Should Always Follow the Spirit Because Bad Things Happen When You Don't" kind of story.  We'll start with the good one, because the bad one's more exciting.

Sister Allred and Sister Hunt (one of the sister training leaders whose here while Sister Believe's in the MTC.  Yeah, sometimes Indonesian missionaries serve for up to four months before going to the MTC, it's kind of strange, but people more inspired than me made the decision) contacted a guy on an ankot, and gave his number to us.  I think as a joke they were like, "will you commit to contacting this referral before 9:00 tonight" and we were all like "whatever" and then they were like "no seriously do it," so we were all like "OK, sure, we will."  Then our plans fell through and our back up plans fell through, so we just went home to eat and plan and study.  Then we remembered the referral and thought, maybe we should just do it in the morning, but because the sisters made us commit, we did it.  Turns out he was leaving for 2 weeks the next morning, so we just biked over there and taught him some basic stuff about the church.  The sisters already gave him a Book of Mormon, so we started there.  He had really good questions, and I hope we can meet with him again.

Now for the bad story:
Monday night, we got home from biking around like normal, and it was really a normal day.  At maybe 10:25, some guy came to the gate and played the guitar terribly, like people here do, so I got up and gave him the equivalent of a nickel so that he would go away.  While I was up, I thought, "you should check the bikes” and then, "you need to finish your journal, and it's already almost time to go to bed, you always lock them, whatever."  So I just went to bed.  Meanwhile, Elder Suryono got way hungry.  He was laying in bed, and thought, "alright, let's go get nasi goreng."  and then "well, it's late, it's the end of the month, so I don't have any money, and if I eat now, I'll still be hungry."  So he stayed in bed.  Tuesday morning, 6:30, we get up, like normal, and in Indonesia, once you're awake, you open the door and the curtains to let light in.  And then we realized, our bikes were gone.  Someone must have jumped our fence, handed our bikes over the fence, and jumped back and rode away in the middle of the night.  So yeah, always follow the Spirit.  We bought new bikes on Friday, Elder Williams paid and then he'll get reimbursed by the Church, and we'll have to pay some, I'm not sure how much yet, out of pocket, and the rest comes out of our monthly allowance for the next ten months or something.  Yep, that's fun.  But my new bike is way nice.  It's a 26" hard tail Polygon, which is the standard, Indonesian made missionary bike.  It's way better than my old bike, but I would have rather not have had my bike stolen.  

Things are still good out here.  I'm loving it.  It's been cold, and I'm becoming a pansy because I'm getting uncomfortable when it hits around 70.  It's just too cold.  Which is funny because I'd be wearing shorts in America...

Elder Heiner

We helped the Williams move this week.
Sitting in the back of the Williams car.
It's kind of cramped.
Seminary Graduation.
I thought you might want to see what some of the kids
from the branch look like.
Railroad tracks going through town.
This is right in the middle of the city on our way to one
of our inactives.  It is so strange to be walking and all of a
sudden - Rice Field.  

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