Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Dear Everyone,

So this week has been exciting.  It was moving along until Friday, and then it was gone...  

We had a zone conference.  In Indonesia, there are two kinds of zone conference.  There's a zone conference every month.  Two out of three months are ZTM, which is about two hours.  All the missionaries from the zone come, and it is similar to a really a big district meeting.  We have announcements, discuss investigators, have a lesson, say hello to anyone who wasn't here last time and say goodbye to anyone who's going home, it ends and we go and eat.  PLD is bigger and happens on the third month.  The president and the AP's come (but the AP's are in our zone, so they come to ZTM too).  PLD is all day, starts at 9 and goes until 4, people give talks and testimonies, President Donald gives a lesson, all the mission couples attend, we spend the night before, we play futsol after, and eat like four meals together.  Too much background?  This one was ZTM, PLD's on the 29th of October.  But this ZTM was unique because we had 10 brand new missionaries show up, and then we got to take one home while they wait for their papers.  So we've had six missionaries in our house, all of us plus Elder Hobbs and Elder Barlow.  They're way cool, and I've enjoyed talking with Elder Hobbs in angkots and stuff.   He's going to Solo on Wednesday, which is cool.  He's a way good missionary, really brave, really direct, and he's really helped me to realize how much better my language has gotten since I arrived here.  

Well, time's up but lots of other stuff happened this week.  We visited some members, taught an investigator, looked for people, and rode the train to Jakarta. Yep.  It's been fun.
Love you.

Elder Heiner
Me in front of our house.
Me, Elder Blaser, and Elder Gil at zone conference.
Elder Wood, Elder McCleary, and the Sisters are the
only ones from our MTC group I haven't seen since we split. 
About half of our English class (see me in the back)
We have a lot of people show up to our classes here.
The washing machine.
We don't have a dryer so we just hang everything up.

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