Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

Dear Everyone,

This week has been good.  On Tuesday, we did splits, Elder Gil with Elder Barlow, Elder Martoyo with Elder Wiradi, and Elder Hobbs with me.  It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from Elder Hobbs.  It was different to be completely in charge with someone who doesn't really know how to get anywhere.  I learned a lot.  

On Wednesday, Elder Gil and I took the new Elders back to Senopati (the mission home) so that they could sign for their Kitas.  One of the things that President Donald is doing is to have all trainers come in for a meeting before they meet their trainees, and then they'll fly back to their areas together.  And so I met up with Elder Suryono again.  That was way cool.  He's training Elder Barlow in Surabaya.  Lucky Elder Barlow.  

The rest of the week was good.  Quick.  I'm really learning to love Bekasi, something I thought it was going to be hard to do.  Once you look past the dirty and the smelly and the crowded, it's a good place.  The people are good, and I love working with the members.  It's so different than Malang, but I'm really enjoying it.  

Elder Martoyo goes home tomorrow.  And because there's not another missionary, Elder Gil is joining our companionship.  Did I ever tell you Elder Gil is from Puerto Rico?  We're becoming a threesome over the two wards.  Elder Wiradi goes home in a month, so then we don't know what will happen.  It might happen that Elder Gil and I are the only ones in Bekasi.  Or we could get two brand new Indonesians, if there are new Indonesians to be had.  Or who knows.  It's still way far away.  

We teach our English class in the church, and we just tell everyone about it in hopes of getting people there.  We have some students that like to bring their friends, which is good advertisement too.   Some weeks, we'll have 4 people show up. And then the next week, one of the regulars is a lecturer, so he'll tell his students that we're teaching about jobs or something and that they should all show up.  Then he tells us that he told his students that we're teaching about jobs...  then 40 people show up and, yeah, we teach about jobs. It's pretty dysfunctional, as far as curriculum goes, but lots of fun.

We went fishing.  Elder Martoyo made fishing rods out of an old broom at our house, and that was fun.  It was at a pond.  One of the members owns a fish hatchery-ish so that made for quick fishing.  And we got to keep some of the fish, which we then...  I can't think of the English word…  "Bakar" translates to burn, but that's not exactly what we did.  We had a fire and put the fish on a grate over it until it was cooked.  Whatever you call that, that's what we did.  
Yep, Indonesia's just as exciting as ever.  I'm still healthy and happy,
Love,  Elder Heiner

I caught a fish!
"Sop Buah" or fruit soup.  It sounds weird but it is delicious.
It's like fruit salad with sweetened condensed milk
and ice mixed in.
Me in an Indonesian phone booth.
Me and a giant monkey... at the toy store.
This is Jakarta traffic.  Only one way though.
I couldn't get both sides of the street.

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