Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for being so short yesterweek, time was short.  But this week is a little different. OK, no, I still don't have as much time as I want, but maybe I can tell you a little more about how things are going here.  

Last Thursday, Elder Wiradi accepted a one month extension, so we will be companions until the 1st of November, which is the date that new Indonesian missionaries enter the mission.  Elder Martoyo did not accept the extension, so we might be a threesome for a month, or something, or maybe we don't know and we just like to speculate.

Bekasi is good, it’s about as different as you can get from Malang.   It's hot, about 20 degrees hotter than Malang, all the time.  I just sweat all the time.  We have a couple of people to visit, which is nice, but with both of us only being here a few days, we really don't know how to get anywhere, or where their houses are, so that's a rough situation.  But we're working with it, and we already know how to get to maybe four or five of their houses.  That said, it takes about an hour to get to any one of them, and Indonesian people don't like making appointments, so that doesn't mean we've met with all five of them.  And we have to take angkots to get anywhere, so that's a hassle.  Angkots are like public transportation minivans.  They're expensive and hot and small.  It costs somewhere around 13,000 rupia to visit anyone (round trip).  Which is more than it costs to eat a meal, so we have to be careful or we'll run out of time and money.  The record is 20 people riding in one at the same time (that I’ve been on, who knows the real record).  Driver, three sitting shotgun, eight on the left bench, five on the right bench, two on the bench by the door that faces backwards, and one standing in the doorway holding on to the roof.  I thought that people would start getting off, but it was just people getting on, and then more get on, and more get on, and then you sit and are squished.  Not particularly fun, and being that close to someone makes it difficult to talk to them.  

I'm really enjoying living in a house with four elders.  It's different, and a lot of fun.  I feel like my language skills are getting better, too, because we talk a lot more.  Elder Suryono is a fairly quiet person, and Elder Wiradi and Elder Martoyo are good friends, this is the third time they've lived in the same house, so they talk about Manado and Semarang, and investigators and stuff, and just by trying to listen I think my language is getting better.  

I don't know what else to say about Beksai.  I'm enjoying myself.  I'm a little sick but I think it's from the heavy pollution.  But things are good and I'm still functional.  
Elder Heiner

Elder Wiradi and me about to walk out the door to go email.
I don't know how this found it's way to Indonesia
but I am glad to see one of our investigators in Bakasi
is a Jayhawk fan.

Pictures from Malang

Here are some pictures that I couldn't send last week.
The Young Women from the Malang branch, the
branch president, and the branch mission leader.
The YW are my English class that I teach after
church.  The YM were invited to but they're lazy.
Brother Meek, one of our MTC teachers, introduced this
family to the church.  It was pretty cool to meet them.
Brother Auyb's family

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