Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

Dear everyone,

This week has been so fast.  On Wednesday, we sent Elder Martoyo home.  So now I'm trying to learn the Bekasi One area and investigators/inactive members along with my original Bekasi Two area. Elder Gil and I are figuring out how to cover everyone.  It's quite exciting.  And difficult.  But mostly exciting.

We went to an English club at a local SMK, which is like a cross between technical college and high school.  That was fun.  They were happy to try speaking English, so I really enjoyed that. The girls thought that I looked like Liam from One Direction, so basically that is the highest compliment on my looks that I've ever received.  Apparently I also look like Ari Wibowo, a German actor who stars in Indonesian films, and some guy named Lorenzo from Moto GT.  Unfortunately, I have never seen either of them, so I don't know if those are compliments or not.  But Liam from 1D seems to for sure be a good thing.

I got to speak at a funeral, which was a way cool experience.  It was a traditional Batak funeral, Batak being the culture from Sumantra.  The man who passed away‘s younger brothers are inactive members of the church, so they invited missionaries to say something, and I got picked.  The way the funeral works is that the family sits on the edge of the room in a line, the open coffin goes in front of them and they lean on it and stuff.  Then people stand in a crowd in the rest of the room, and people come up in groups and a spokesman says something to the family.  So I got to speak for our church, and really I just bared my testimony that I know they'll have the opportunity to see their brother, father, husband, and son again.  I expressed my disappointment that I didn't get the opportunity to meet him in this life, but that I have full confidence that I will meet him in the world to come.  I bared my testimony that I know that he still lives, and that he is happy.  The plan of God is such that no one comes into this life without leaving it.  He is not nothing, right now, he was not erased when he died, but he lives now, and he will live again, and they will have a chance to see him again.  It was really an incredible experience.  

Things are good in Indonesia.  Hard, but good.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am happy, and healthy, and so glad that I'm here.
Elder Heiner

The Bekasi district the night before Elder Martoyo pulang'd.
A few of the people on the train with us.
An "air jambu" or water guava.  It's not similar at all to guava,
and I think it is really funny looking.  I also think it is funny
that "air" means "water" in Indonesia.

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