Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Dear Everyone,
This week has been good.  We had stake conference, which was the Asia area conference, and way cool.  It was ALL about missionary work, and broadcast to 21 stakes and 40 districts.  Which is amazing, really.  But I got to hear Elder Holland and Elder Hales get translated into Indonesian.  Hopefully people get excited about things.  They were on a broadcast from the Church headquarters.  An Asian lady was picked to lead the intermediate hymn, but they had us sing in English, which was strange.   The ten year plan is to have three stakes in the Jawa Barat area, which is a big goal, but if people get into it, I'm sure it can happen.  Also, if the church is that size, then they could also get a temple.  That'd be so cool.

We had an investigator get baptized.  His name is P.A., and he's been investigating the church for about three years.  He texted us last week and was like, "I've decided to get baptized, can I do it this week?" but we couldn't get the Zone Leaders down before this week, so he was baptized yesterday.  It was way cool, and the gospel is going to really bless his life.  He's way funny, and I'm sorry I won't get to see him get confirmed.  

Yep, I'm getting transferred.  In maybe 8 hours, I'll get in a taxi and ride it to Tangerang.  It'll cost me like $15 or $20, and be an hour and a half or two hours.  A good thing about a taxi is I don’t have to worry about the weight of my things.  And then I'll start serving there.  My companion has been in the mission field for 10 weeks, and Tangerang's losing two Elders so it's just him and me.  Over two wards.  By ourselves.  I'm way excited because it means we'll be busy.  Super busy.  And so I'll finish out his first twelve weeks training program.  It's crazy.  But yeah, I was under the impression that I would be in Bekasi until Christmas at least, but it turns out that President Donald changed his mind at the last minute.  So maybe I'll spend Christmas in Tangerang.  But I thought that about Malang...  I have yet to serve more than 2 months in an area.  I'm sad to leave Bekasi, there are a bunch of people here that I'll miss, and I really do like the city, but I'm also excited to get to Tangerang.  I get to start again, have new experiances, learn a new place, and also I'll get to see my companion's homecoming talk.  Yes, my current companion is from Tangerang and all his family.  I feel like that's not an experience that many missionaries get to have, especially while on the mission.  
Life is good.  I'm still excited to be here.  Things are always changing.  

Love, Elder Heiner
PA is now Brother PA
My nemesis, Korianton the Kockroach.  
He is about an inch and a half long. 
  He really doesn't do much and only comes out at night.  
And runs at my feet or flies at my face, 
or just watches me shower.   Which is weird.
I had a "steak".  It was deep fried and for $2,
 it was the worst steak I have ever had.

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