Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear everyone,
This week's been good.  We totally found a family to teach.  I'm so stoked about it.  Seriously, I couldn't be happier.  Last week, a sister in the ward came up and asked if we wanted an investigator.  We said of course, because we can always use investigators.  So we went to her house yesterday, which was seriously far… an angkot, a bus, and another angkot.  But the investigator was actually a mother, her 3 daughters, and the oldest daughter's husband.  Totally worth every minute!  We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and they had good questions, and it was really wonderful.  The member was there, too, and actively participated in the lesson but didn't dominate.  Which is hard to come by.  Often, members will either not do much or take over the lesson.  We're going back next Sunday, and hopefully they'll still be interested.  I'm so excited about this.
The rest of the week was pretty normal.  The AC died, so it's been way hot at nights.  We'll get it fixed tomorrow.
I'm also excited about general conference.  I've heard it was wonderful, and I'm way excited to see it.  Next Saturday and Sunday is the time.  Indonesia does it marathon style.  Saturday at 8 is Saturday morning session, 10:15 is Saturday afternoon, 1 is Priesthood or Relief Society, just in different rooms.  And then Sunday's the same, 8 and 10:15.  It's going to be way cool.  And in Indonesian, so this is the real test of if my language is coming along.  But seriously, can't wait.

Cooking situation...  We have a two burner camp stove in our kitchen.  And a sink.  And a drying rack for dishes.  And a water dispenser, a dumb one that doesn't cool water.  And we have  a fridge.  But we mostly eat out, which is pretty cheap, like $25/week.  We eat at member’s houses maybe once or twice a week.  It's always so much food, though.  If I know we're going to a member's house, I eat a way small lunch or skip it altogether.  They're always like, eat a lot, and then take more, take more, take more, and then you waddle home.  It's great, though, and always good food.  I am down 24 pounds from when I left the MTC.

We took Elder Gil to drink snake blood, which was fun.  We're going sightseeing in Jakarta today, so that's going to be cool, too.  And yeah, things are good.
I'm still happy, healthy, and all that jazz.

Elder Heiner
We went to dinner at the mall with the Bishops family.
The mall is called Summarecon and is seriously the
hugest mall I have ever been to.  They were doing
a culinary night.  You trade your real money for the
fake money in the picture and then you use that for
their food.  It was pretty good.
Never get into an angot that isn't the front one,
otherwise you could be waiting for hours.

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