Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Guess what?  I'm still alive!  And things are good.

We totally found 5 new people to teach this week, and it was a miracle.  A complete miracle.  Thursday night, we called a couple people that we wanted to visit on Friday, and they were all out of town, or had something going on.  So what do you do at that point?  Call random people in the phone filed under “S”, which means investigator in Indonesian.  We had about 6 people that didn't want to pick up the phone, 2 inactive numbers, 3 people that weren't available or didn't want to talk to the missionaries, but this one lady was ok with us coming over.  So we searched the area book to find her teaching record and therefore her address, but it wasn't there.  There wasn’t anything about her.  So we called again and asked for her address and how to get there, which is always a weird conversation to have.  "Hey, so I was wondering, how do I get to your house?"  Luckily she was OK with it, and told us what angkots to ride and how to get there.  And then she texted it because I'm white and not a native speaker and only mostly understood her, which was very kind of her.  We get over to her house, which takes like an hour and a half because of traffic, and it turns out she lives with her band, which is 3 other people, and they're all Christian and open to hear us.  We taught the restoration, they asked good, intellectual questions, and three of them accepted Kitab Mormons, (because we only brought 3...), and they invited us back.  Then the lady gave us a referral without us even asking, and we didn't have anything else we were planning on doing, so we went there.  She wasn't home, but her dad was, and he invited us in.  He was way cool, and we had a good two minute conversation or so, he told us when his daughter has time off, and gave us her phone number, and was cool with us sharing our message with him.  But then the Jehovah's Witnesses showed up.  They've been teaching him for a little while, and just happened to show up when we did.  When they saw missionaries they immediately forgot about the man that they came to teach.  They were just dying to debate, but I have never been one for debate, and Elder Sutarno's not a man of many words, so we listened, answered their questions, and after maybe 20 minutes, decided like this was not a particularly productive use of time.  We bore our testimonies, invited them to pray and got out of there very quickly.  Their words were very nice, but the meaning and intent was very malicious.  I don't want to say anything negative, they are children of God, and he loves everyone regardless of their choices, but it was not my favorite experience.  But I did learn, and I'm grateful for the experience.  We'll go back, though, and hopefully this time we can really teach this man.  Hopefully he'll really pray about what he knows and what we testified of.

I also ate something really delicious this week: martabak.  It's like a pancake with chocolate on the inside and you can get other stuff too, so I got peanuts.  You can also get cheese, because Indonesians are all about the chocolate/cheese combo, but I opted out of that.  There's also a kind that's eggs and onions and stuff, which is more "real food" and it's also delicious.

The rest of the week was good.  We didn't meet with the people from last week, one went out of town and the other was also out of town...  This week, though.  I'm excited for this week.  Things are looking good, here in Tangerang.

Elder Heiner

Our Backyard.
Maybe some yard work is in order.

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