Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Dear Everyone,
Well, this week has been pretty crazy.  Elder Barrus and Elder Sutadiyono got here on Tuesday, and then it's just been a blur since.   We gave them the majority of our investigators and all of the new ones, so we've been starting over and trying to find people.  And Christmas is coming up, which is cool.  I can't believe that it's the day after tomorrow.  That's what my countdown chain says, anyway.  It's still 95 degrees and rainy, so pretty much the same as when I got here, just rainier.  The weather doesn't feel like Christmas at all.  But it's Christmas, nonetheless.

The other day we got a district Christmas package, shout out to Doug and the other primary kid who didn't write his name.  I really like the white shirt and socks, and I just love getting new ties.  That was really cool, and the whole district loves their gifts, too.  Thanks!

The plan for Christmas is pretty good, we're going to be home for a while, open presents together, and then go to the Tangerang 1st Ward's Christmas party, and us missionaries are singing "The First Noel".  Then there's a missionary Christmas party at one of the English Ward member's houses in Jakarta, so we'll head out there.  It's going to be great, we're living it up.  And then I’ll skype home on the 26th in the morning, which is pretty exciting, too.  But don't worry, I'm way too busy to be trunky.  I'm obviously thinking about home, but I'm not lazy to work, which is the important part.  Especially now that we're down on people to teach.  But no worries, we have some ex-investigators we're going to try again, and some potential investigators, and we're going to be extra good about talking to people in the angkots.  

We had a stake Christmas party, and all the missionaries came, which was cool.  I got to see Elder Hobbs again, he's in Bogor.  And Elder McCleary got moved to Jakarta, which means that the only missionaries from my MTC group that I haven't seen are Elder Wood and Sister Scheffield.  Go figure.  I did talk to Elder Wood on the phone the other day, he sounds good.  Hopefully I'll get to see him again before too long.  But also maybe not.

I'm really glad that I'm a missionary.  And for you people who are going to the MTC on the 15th of January, get ready for the best mission ever.  You won't believe what you're getting into, it's amazing.  

Elder Heiner
The District.
It always surprises me to see this in the middle of the city.
For Ben.  Goreng means fried.

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