Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

Dear Everyone,
Merry (terlambat) Christmas!  And Happy New Year!  Christmas was great, and skyping the family was also wonderful.  I couldn't wish for a greater Christmas gift than to see them for a little while.  

For Christmas, we went to house of one of the Jakarta English ward members.  They invited the whole zone, some 22 missionaries, and we all went over there and ate American food.  Turkey and mashed potatoes, and real jello (Indonesian Jello is way not like Jello at all) and other amazingly delicious stuff.  Rolls.  I haven't had real rolls in forever.  Man, it was sooo good.  It was also a lot of fun to talk to other missionaries.  Some of the missionaries I was looking forward to seeing ended up moving recently, so I missed them...  But still very fun.  We've been eating macaroni and cheese, Captain Crunch, and American candy from Christmas packages.  I suspect is will last another week or so, so the celebrating will continue with that.

We're still figuring out how to work effectively in a smaller area, and we're searching for new people to teach because we're now half the area that we used to be in (and honestly we have the smaller area, so that's nice as far as onkos goes... I mean as far as transportation money goes).  It's nice to have so many missionaries here.  Way fun.

I'm still doing well, I can't really complain about anything.  Every day is still another adventure.  I'm so happy to be here, and things are amazing in Indonesia.  I got to talk to President Donald on Christmas (he came to the party, too), and we talked about some of the things that he's trying to do in the mission, and the changes that we're looking forward to, and it's going to be awesome.  The work is just about to take off.  We've got the right missionaries in the field, and we're looking to add some great technology, hopefully quickly but also maybe after a long time.  Depends on the Area Presidency and how fast we can implement it.  

I hope that life is good for all of you.  I'm still doing great.  I know that this is God's work, and I see Him help us every day.  I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world.

Elder Heiner

A respectable Christmas picture of me
and Elder Sutarno
Service at an English school.
We taught how to say the sound "th" and the song
"Do As I'm Doing".  Pretty exciting stuff.
They were really just super excited to see a couple of
 big white guys.  It was on the day Elder B's comp was sick,
so it is just me and Elder B there (we are in the back).
A sweet fountain that is on the way out of our
housing district.  Even Christmas decorations.
I know I said durien was good, but this fruit
is whiter above all other fruits and sweeter
above anything I have ever tasted.  It's my
favorite fruit on the face of the planet,
called manggis.
We caught a rat.  Big and Fat!
We've only had this one rat and he's been chewing on our
door, so we decided to catch him.  This $6 rat trap worked like
a charm.  Within 12 hours we had caught him.

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