Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hello Everyone,
So, I really am at a loss at what to tell you.  Seriously.  Like, we did stuff.  Just normal a normal missionary week.  We woke up and studied and went out on time, and worked all day, and taught the average number of lessons, and found a couple of people who are interested in the Gospel, and a couple other people told us that they aren't interested in the Gospel/their husband isn't cool with them learning about the Gospel even though they want to get baptized, and so that's a bummer, but free agency is a blessing that I wouldn't want to take from anyone.  I like mine way too much.

I don't have any crazy stories, and I only ate one new thing, and that's sate padang, which is like little roast beef chunks on a kabob in sauce from the Padang region, which is in Sumatera, I think.  It was really good.  

Although it's December, the weather is the same as it was when I got here.  Except it is the rainy season so it rains all the time.  It's still hot and humid, it's just also wet.  Which is pretty normal too, once you count sweat.  But the whole Christmas feeling hasn't set in, even though we're looking at a little over 2 weeks until Christmas.  Strange.  We've talked in English class about why our students want to learn English, and one of the students answer was that she wanted to travel so that she could touch snow.  Our freezer makes ice on the edges, and if we scrape it off, it looks like snow.  But that's as close as it gets.

Well, look at the time.  Thanks for tuning in, sorry that this is pretty boring, but nothing out of what I consider ordinary happened.  

Elder Heiner
We pick this fruit off a tree in our front yard.
I have no idea what it is called
but it tastes way good.
Look at all the ivy we pulled off the wall in our backyard.
Since this picture was taken, my brand new, clean, beautiful
planner got rained on and looks exactly the same as
the other one.  How sad.
Sometimes I forget that I am in Indonesia,
and then I turn the corner....
Splits with Elder Xiong.

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