Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hello Everyone,
So this week's been great.  We had zone conference, the big kind, so Medan came down, and we had interviews with President Donald, and we got to sleep in Senopati, which means I got to use toilet paper (overrated) and shower with hot water (NOT overrated.  That was so very nice.).  The conference was all about having faith, which is super cool.  And then we watched Ephraim's Rescue, which was such a legit movie.  I was blown away.  It was like 17 miracles, and just awesome.  

Then we came back to Tangerang, and that's great.  I love it here.  We had a primary kid in our ward get very sick and pass away, so we visited him in the hospital and went to a comfort night for his family and to his funeral, so that's been a bit of a downer, but I know that it's the will of God, whatever happens.  

Yesterday Elder Randy D. Funk from the second quorum of the 70 was in town, so he invited all the Jawa Barat missionaries to come to a fireside where he and his wife talked about their experiences and gave us advice and super cool stuff like that.  It was great, and like a second zone conference in the same week.  I'm super glad that I'm here close to the mission home because one of the perks is when cool stuff like that happens, I get invited.  It's hard to come to stuff like that if you have to ride a plane to get to the mission home.  

Yep, I think that's this week.  It was a really exciting week.  I had a blast. 
Love you,  Elder Heiner
First time in a bajai.
What is a bajai?
Motorcycle gone covered taxi.
President Donald and me!  He is the greatest.
He has a way thick accent, it's so cool.

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