Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear all y'all,
Things are good here, I'm still healthy and happy, and loving things.  This week was good, did some cool stuff and helped some people.  

Probably one of the coolest things that happened this week was that I got to do splits with Elder Broberg, who's like the coolest white zone leader Jawa Barat has ever seen in 2014.  He's one of my idols, a truly Christlike person.  And he was my companion for the day.  Talk about faith, that man is amazing.  We had our appointments fall through, and so we decided to go out and find somebody.  We asked around, where is somebody that's Christian, and they told us "over there."  So we went to that house, and the lady was like "oh, I already have a church, but thanks anyway, Uncle" so we started to move on, and then the kids in the street were like, "oh, try this house, too" so we did, and a kid who's maybe 15 came out and we said that we're church service and we want to share a message, and he told us his parents weren't home.  And then his uncle came out and we told him we were church service and we want to share a message, and he told us he's sick, and then his mom came out (she's like 65) and we told her that we were church service and want to share a message, and she let us in.  We asked her a little about herself, and it turns out that she lives in Depok (another "city" but kind of our area but also kind of Bogor.  It's weird) and she's just here to keep care of the house while her kid's in Solo, and the uncle was just there for the day, he also lives in Depok.  So I was not to serious about this lesson, it just seemed pretty normal, we'd share the restoration and they'd be less than receptive, and then we'd move on.  She went to go get her bible, and Elder Broberg turned to me and said, "do you remember what Elder Funk said, that people will come to Jakarta thinking they're coming for family or for work, but really they'll be coming for the restored gospel?"  And immediately my outlook on that lesson changed.  We taught the restoration, and they received it, invited us back, gave us referrals, the uncle said he'd come back into Tangerang for next Tuesday, so we're going back tomorrow, and I'm way stoked.  They're awesome.  And a miracle.  It was so cool.  And then we went back out and searched again, but the couple people we found were busy so we just got their addresses and numbers.  So that's good, we'll go back later.  Also, we're out of Book of Mormons this week.  And the office is out.  So hopefully people will be ready to accept pamphlets and stuff...  This is going to be an interesting week.  

Indonesia's a really cool place; it's got so much traditional culture that's been yanked up in an effort to become a first world place.  So the western influence here is huge, especially on the younger population.  Hair styles and t-shirts and stuff are all really western, and a lot of the stores are western, fast food and big brand names.  I was really surprised the first time I saw a crocs store.  They're cool here.  Strange, I know.  But people here are in love with America, especially Obama.  I guess he went to elementary school here, so everyone loves him.  And there's a lot of American influence on the music.  Which is cool, there are a couple bands that I like the songs I hear in the grocery store.  "Noah", "Shelia on Seven", "Smish"  I don't know if that's the real name.  There's not really a way to know, and the grocery store only plays Western music half the time, but it’s there.

As far as the language, I hesitate to say that I'm fluent, but I translated for PLD last week, and I no longer translate my thoughts, they just come out Indonesian, and sometimes when I daydream, other people speak Indonesian to me.  Which is strange, but a good sign, I think.

I don't know if I did that much else that's exciting.  We did keep busy, I promise.  We visited some investigators, and we texted the giant stack of business cards that have been in the house for who knows how long, we visited some less active members, we talked to people in the angkot, we studied, yep, that's pretty much the list.  It was a great week.  I didn't eat anything weird.  Or new.  Just the old delicious Indonesian fare.  

Anyway, love you all!  Elder Heiner

PS  Sorry, no pictures today.  We had to move warnets because the usual one is full.  And this one's sketch. They also offer gaming so there are a lot of high school kids here that are smoking and lots of shooting noises from the games.  And I can’t plug in my camera.  The one that we usually go to is just internet, so it's way quieter.

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