Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Dear everybody,
Hello from 2014!  I guess it's been that for a whole 6 days now...  So it's not really that exciting at this point, but it still feels pretty new.  I was hoping to wake up to flying cars or at least nicer angkots, but that didn't happen, it's still pretty much the same.  New Years Eve was pretty much the same as every other night on the mission: asleep at 10:30.  And then I woke up fresh to a brand new year.  It was great.  Maybe I need to celebrate like that more often; I stayed up after midnight way more often than I went to bed at a decent hour before the mission.
This week has been a week.  We had a lot of lessons fall through, but we did manage to meet with an investigator who is really hard to meet with, so that was good.  It's been 3 months or so since he's been able to meet with missionaries, so that's cool.  And he told us about a potential service opportunity, so hopefully that happens. 

We also had zone conference, which is strange because it feels like we just had one, but that was in November.  And we have a big zone conference in two weeks, so that's cool.  We set some goals for this year, and President Donald set some pretty big goals for the year, and I honestly was concerned when I heard them.  But we got back and started working on them, and I think we can do it.  We can talk to that many people a day, and then if we talk to that many people, we can for sure get that many lessons, and then if we teach that many people, someone will want to come to Christ.  If we just start small and talk to more people, everything else will follow.  I listened to a conference talk about that earlier today.  It was way good.  But I forget who it was...  It was in the Saturday afternoon session this past October.  Man, I love conference.  This week has been good, but next week will be better, I think.  It's the first full week in 2014, and I have high hopes.  And high faith.  That's something that President Donald's really helping us do, is to build our faith.  There's a video clip - Small and Simple Things - and President Eyring talks a little in that, and he says that "the Lord sends his prepared children to his prepared servants" and faith is a real part of that.  I'm really working on being more faithful.  It's good.  
Love, Elder Heiner
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