Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hello everyone!
Happy late Valentine's Day, another very American holiday that doesn't really exist in Indonesia.  This week was pretty normal.   We're getting better at contacting people, the mission goal is 15 a day, or 105 a week, and this week we contacted 55 people, which is a record high for my companionship.  We have a long way to go, but we're making progress every week, so before long we'll make it.  Our Book of Mormon stash is also running lower, we gave away 4 this week, which is also a number I'm fairly happy about.  If only people would have time to meet with us.  People rarely answer their phone, so we have about 15 people we've talked to who have expressed interest but have not yet met with us in a teaching situation.  We'll keep trying!  

Fun tracting experience:  We went out in some random neighborhood, and started asking people where the Christian people live.  It's kind of interesting how it goes down, we walk up to anyone in the street, say hi, and tell them we're from church service.  Almost always, they start to get this freaked out look on their face, or they go to tell us that they're from a different religion, but then we ask where the Christian people live.  If they're Muslim, they immediately sell out all their Christian neighbors.  It's really an interesting system.  Anyway, we were told that there's a Christian lady that lives around the corner, and so we knocked on her gate.  She came to the door, and we started to tell her a little, and she goes, "I know, what's the deal, Elder?"  That caught us by surprise, so we tried to recover...  She was one of Elder Earls and Elder Widodo's investigators about a year and a half ago.  We asked her if she still has a Book of Mormon, and she said "sudah nggak" or "already no" which makes a lot more sense in Indonesian than it does in English.  So we asked her if she wanted to read the Book of Mormon again, and the answer was the same, "already no."  So we thanked her for her time and asked her if she knows anyone that lives close that might be interested in hearing about the gospel, but apparently the other Elders often come by there, so yep.  We continued our proselyting efforts.  Maybe missionaries will run into her again and she'll want to learn again, who knows.  End of story.

Fun culture fact:  No one has pets!  The occasional person has dogs, and that means that they're Christian or Catholic (different religions in Indonesia...  I don't know what the deal is).  I met one person who had a hamster, and there are places that sell fish tanks and fish, so I assume that someone owns fish, I just haven't met them yet.  Everyone has a stray cat that lives in the trash can or something, and there are cockroaches out the wazoo and also lizards everywhere.  And ants.  They are also everywhere.  But as for domesticated pets, they really don't exist.  Now you know!

I think that's it for this week, things are still great here.  Loving life and working hard.  I'm still healthy and slowly gaining back weight.  Hopefully I'll get back on a bike so I can lose it all again, I'm not disciplined enough to diet...

Love, Elder Heiner 

Me in "hutan Kota 12" - translated as City
Woods 12.  I don't know where the other
11 are. 
I don't know why you need this many mirrors.
This is the sign at the church.  We don't have one of the
traditional LDS church signs because technically we don't
meet in a church.  We meet in a meeting building.

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