Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Everyone,
This week's been a pretty dang good one.  It's funny how a little change can be good.  Not that I had any problems before, but things are great.  On Monday, I got a new companion, Elder Canfield from Logan, Utah.  He's a great guy, he's 19, he got out here in September, and he came right out of high school.  His home sounds like the Mormon street in Mormonville inside of Mormon world, what a different place than what I know, yet really all the same. He's ready to work hard, and I've really enjoyed that.  We just GO all day every day, and we're seeing a lot of success.  He’s had one other area and one other companion (Semarang and Elder Suarsid).  He's a hard worker and an easy person to get along with, so we just get out every day and talk to everyone and work our rear ends off and have a great time.  This last week has been so fast, and we've seen so many miracles, so it's super cool.

One of the awesome miracles we saw was when we were in an angkot waiting for it to start so that we could get to the next place on our agenda.  This guy walks up to the window and asks if we're the Mormons.  Well, we took that opportunity to tell him about the Book of Mormon, and he was fairly interested, so we loaned him a copy and said we come back later and tell him all about it.  We got his number and name, which was one of those names I'd never heard before.  We got in touch with him, and went to go visit him, and he told us the approximate area in which he lives, and then to just ask people and they'll tell us.  So we did, and then we got to this house, and they let us in, and we asked where this man was.  His wife told us he was sleeping, which was strange because he had just texted us, but weirder things have happened, so we just rolled with it.  We had to get to district meeting, so we quickly explained to this woman about the Book of Mormon, and then gave her a copy and got her number.  I thought it was really weird that we were doing that, and afterwards, Elder Canfield also thought it was strange, but we did it anyway, just in case.  After all, having two Book of Mormons really isn't a problem for a family with 5 kids.  We pray with this woman, and then we get on our way.  Not 30 seconds later, the guy texts us again asking where we are.  We explained that we had just talked to his wife and that she said that he was sleeping.  His response, "my wife's at work, where are you?"  It turns out we had just gone to a random person's house who had the same name as the guy we had met, and she liked learning about the Book of Mormon and invited us back, but we had no connection to anyone at that house.  We just knew a guy with the same name.  So then we went to the other guy's house and taught him quickly so that we wouldn't be too late to District meeting but also so we could teach this guy.  We got a return appointment, and so that worked out great.  But stuff like that has been happening all week, and I love it.  We meet so many people and have so much fun.  And Elder Canfield has a great imagination, so we just talk about random stuff when we're walking in the streets, and he's got some cool questions about doctrine and life and everything.  It's really a blast all the time.  

I love this place more and more all the time, and it's wonderful.  I also apologize for the lack of creative pictures; I just wasn't very quick on the camera this week.  I’m also forgetting what's strange here, I feel like it's all just normal, the same as back in America, so I feel like everyone would just think that this place is boring.  And then I remember that everything here is different. That probably makes no sense.  Anyways, have a great week or day or whatever.
Love you all.  Elder Heiner

The Dream Team.
Me and Elder Canfield
For mom.  Inside our friendly neighborhood Alfamart.
We were able to find the ingredients and made bread in our
toaster oven.  We just played the "close enough is good
enough" game since we don't have measuring cups
and it worked out pretty well.  I guess it was really yeasty,
which is OK by me.  Bread is rare here.

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