Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear Everyone.

This week has been a lot of fun, we got two new missionaries in our district for the week, Elder Wills and Elder Davies.  Elder Davies was with our companionship, so I got to know him pretty well, and he's a way cool guy.  He's from England, around Manchester or something, so his accent is pretty cool.  His Indonesian is not that bad, for only having talked to white people in Indonesian.  It'll really take off when he gets to Medan.  Also, all these new missionaries have such amazing faith.  There was a training meeting earlier this week, so I went over to Senopati with my companion who is training and the new missionaries, who also had to be there.  Everyone who's spent this first week with these new missionaries has seen so many cool miracles, people who just walk up to us and ask about the church, or who speak fluent English so that the new guy can help contact him, or just tons of little things that never happen otherwise.  I guess I should really work on my faith so I can be more like them.

I didn't get to attend the training meeting because I'm not training anyone, but I did get to hang out with the trainers after, and I got to talk to Elder Kyle and Elder Gil and Elder Blaser, which was really cool.  I really want to talk to Elder Wood, but he's moving to Manado, so hopefully when we have to get our KITAS renewed in a few months I'll get to see him.  And I got to hang out with the new missionaries while the meeting was going on, so that was cool.  It's a way strong group coming in, full of great missionaries.  And 3 of them are staying in the zone, so I'm excited to see them at zone conference.

Culture... Fruit here is pretty great.  I usually eat blimbing (star fruit), or manggis, or oranges, or mangos, or dragon fruit, or bananas, or watermelon, or melon (which means cantelope or honeydew, I'm not really sure which) and I like rambutan.  It's the fuzzy ball fruit that I sent a picture of the other week, we have a tree that grows these in the front of our yard.  We gave the neighbors permission to pick them if they gave us some, because we can't eat it all and they keep asking, so now we have two giant bags of the stuff and it's great.  Some fruits that are pretty normal in America just aren't here, you don't see peaches and most berries.  And some of them are really expensive, like strawberries and grapes.  And some of the fruits from here are really expensive, like durian.  My favorite way to eat fruit is sop buah, or fruit soup.  There's a place right down the street, and for 8.000 rupia, they take a bunch of fruits, and also avocado which counts as a fruit here, and chunk them up, put it in a little plastic baggie.  Then he blends up some dragon fruit, a couple strawberries, some sugar water, and some sweetened, condensed milk and pours it all over the other fruit, and it's very delicious.  And it seems pretty easy to make, so I'm going to have to make it when I get back.  

I think that's about all I have to say, Thanks for all the support!
 Elder Heiner

Alfamart is like a gas station grocery store.  There are lots of
snacks and small toiletries, but also cooking supplies - rice,
soy sauce, sugar,  and other things.   The two brands of local
grocery stores are Alfamart and Indomart.  They are almost
exactly alike, except for their deals.  We seem to mostly shop at
Alfamart.  The big stores are rare and are usually in the malls.
You can get clothes, electronics, cleaning supplies.  We
generally just stick to food.  Elder Barrus and I went halvies
on imported orange juice and it was delicious.  Can't find
that at Alfamart.  American OJ has a lot more orange in it.
One last shot of our district and me with Elder Sutarno.
A random street.  When we got out of a lesson I thought
this must be pretty different than what home looks like.
A repeat picture of the rambutan fruit
from the tree in our yard.

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