Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

So, I just got about halfway through writing this, but then due to me clicking the wrong button, I threw it away.  Yep, sorry about that.  We didn't catch any rats this week, because we didn't actually set the trap.  But Elder Barrus saw a rat again yesterday, so we set it this morning.  It already went off once but didn't catch anything.

I thought the daily thing worked OK last time, so I'm doing that again...
Monday:  We went ice skating with the zone to mall Taman Anggrek (orcid garden).  It was great, but our appointment for the night got cancelled because someone had to go to the hospital.  Don't worry, it wasn't me or Elder Canfield, and everything's OK right now.  
Tuesday:  PLD!  We had interviews with President and we played futsol, and we slept in the Jakarta Elder's house, which is always not very nice.  This was no exception, but it was better than sleeping at home because we didn't have to take a taksi at 4 in the morning.  I've been reading the Teachings of Joseph Smith book, the one from a few years ago.  It was in the Jakarta Elder's house, and so I asked if anyone was using it, and because no one was, I brought it home.  It's a really good book, and I've really enjoyed studying the words of the Prophet.
Wednesday:  The meeting half of PLD.  That was great, too.  Just learning how to be a better missionary (surprise)!  And then we came home and did missionary work.
Thursday:  Nothing special, weekly planning and teaching people
Friday:  We tried out going somewhere on bikes that we usually just take the train, and it worked out pretty well.  I was tired, but we were a lot quicker to get to the next stop by taking bikes than by taking angkots.
Saturday:  We had English class.  I taught the little kid section with Elder Sutadiyono.  Elder Barrus and Elder Canfield teach the intermediate section.  There's no advanced section.
Sunday:  We went to church.  And met with our new Ward mission Leader.  He's great and makes me excited to work with our leaders.  It seems like he's going to have more time to help us.  Which is understandable, the last one was also the Sunday school president and something else, too.  One of the things I've really learned in Indonesia is to have an appreciation for the temple.  Some people save for years and years and barely get enough to go.  The church has a program here where if you save an entire year's salary (or something like that, I can't remember exactly how it works), the church will pay the rest.  It's a huge blessing.

I think that's about it, just normal, Indonesian stuff.  Having a good time over here.  I love you all! 
Elder Heiner
Zone conference.  I'm left center, kind of burried.
Mission President Donald is front and center.
Sights around town.  A regular wall.
Don't blow too hard, it might fall over.
It is very common to have a rich house on one side of the
street and a line of poor houses on the other.
Trying to fit on the train.  They get very full.
Only the sweetest DVD case ever.

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