Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Dear Everyone,
This week was pretty dang normal.  Except for the biking everywhere thing.  That's not as normal, but it is honestly faster than riding angkots because we can take more direct paths.  But we're a lot worse at talking to people, so if anyone's got any ideas about how to talk to people from a bike, let me know, we could use the help.  

We broke my personal record for lessons taught in one day.  On Tuesday, we got 4.  It was super cool.  Hopefully we can do that again.  We also tied my lowest lessons taught in a day: zero.  Not uncommon.  But I'm still way excited.  The bishop's mother in law is recovering from her sickness, so we're teaching her again.  But she got sick again yesterday so couldn't come to church...  We'll just keep taking it slow.  That other grandma that Elder Broberg and I met in January is back in Pamulang for a while, so that's cool. We've taught her last week and the week before and this week she's still around, so that's great.  

I don't know what else is of consequence enough to send it a million miles home.  Fun Fact… Everyone knows a little English.  But only a little.  Like, "what is your name?" but they often don't know what that means, they just know that it's English.  Indonesian is also a very respectful culture, so they always use titles for people, and the only one that they know in English is "Mister."  So I've been called Mister about a thousand times.  It's really weird. 
I think that's about it.
Love, Elder Heiner
New Bikes!
Spot the visitor.
Even if the place is nice, it is still Indonesia.
It is time for us to set our traps again.  There was one running
around last night that even broke a bowl.
Any time I see the "Warner Bros" sign, I will forever think
that it means "Warung Betawi".  It's a pretty popular
restaurant here, Betawi being a tribe name.

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