Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hello, everyone.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.  Your sons love you, I know it.  Thanks for all the hard work, you're great.  Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated here.  Also, it was great to talk to the family today.

This week in Indonesia has been pretty good.  Pretty normal, but good.  I turned 1 year old on the mission, which I guess is a pretty big mile mark.  I realized that that means that I've missed a year of real life for everyone, so I guess that means I owe some people apologies.  Sorry to everyone who had a life event and I missed it.  Like a wedding or a graduation, or a funeral, or leaving on a mission, or a concert/recital, or having a child, or a birthday or some other cool event that I missed.  I had a thing and couldn't make it.  But if I was in America, I would've done my best to be there.  I also realized that I have missed a year of movies, music, tv shows, and other stuff like that.  And that's not a big deal.  I'm really not worried about any of that.  Except Phineas and Ferb.  Do they still make new Phineas and Ferb's?
As for this week, we're teaching a new English program.  Well, Elder Barrus and Elder Canfield are teaching the new program, and Elder Sutadiyono and I are teaching the "fun class" for those students who aren't at the skill level to do that program.  So we played go fish with a couple of elementary school kids.  It was fun.  We have some that we can use to learn vocab, and to play go fish.  

Elder Canfield and I have been making an effort to eat before 6 as is said in the white handbook, and it's helping us to be healthier.  And also, we're trying new stuff.  The other night, we tried noodles from Sumatera, and it was way good.  I've been enjoying things here.  

Well, it looks like my time is about up, hopefully everyone out in your neck of the woods is happy and healthy.  Elder Heiner
Mexican Food in Indonseia!
The goldfish sales man.
 I love this, just hope he never has an accident.   
Skype Time!

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