Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well, another week come and gone, and here I sit on the floor in the internet cafe, typing away, as Monday at 10:34 often finds me.  As normal, I have forgotten most everything that has happened this week ( I should bring a journal sometime), so I am happy to report that I have a prompt for today: A place you walked, a place you rode your bike, and a place you rode an angkot.  And the strangest place you ended up in.  Or something along those lines.

So a place we walked:  We only walk when we go and get food at lunch time or if we park our bikes and go mill around trying to talk to people and ask where the Christian people live.  So we walked to Alfamart pretty much every day.  I use any big bills we have so that I can use the smaller ones in other places.  We buy lunch at this lady's cart right next to Alfamart.  I'll have to take a picture.  And we walked around a handful of housing complexes.  So that was cool.
As for bikes, we rode them everywhere.  To appointments, to member’s houses, to church, home from everywhere we rode our bikes to. We rode them to dinner, and all that other stuff.  

And we only rode angkots once this week, and it was because Elder Canfield and I were really sick (we ate some bad siomay I think) so we took an angkot to our family home evening appointment on Thursday.  Everyone who had a heart attack because I got sick (that's you Mom), calm down, I'm OK now.  100% healthy.  We rested up and drank Pocari Sweat, the miracle Indonesian drink, and now things are great.  So don't worry about it.

As for the strangest place we ended up, it wasn't this week, but it was earlier last month.  We contacted a guy on an angkot and he invited us over.  So we decided to go.  He told us to meet him outside a graveyard, so we thought maybe he lived inside, which would've been cool.  But instead, we went across the street and into a little driveway looking thing, and then we went back, and there were hundreds of little forts and lots of little mosques and stuff.  The guy lived about a kilo back into this neighborhood of little tiny houses.  Crazy.  I couldn't believe how many people lived in such a small place.  It was great.  

Well, next week, things'll be different.  I'm headed off to Surabaya on Thursday, I'll ride a plane.  I don't know how many missions have planes do transfers, but the number can't be very big.  There, I'll meet my new companion, Elder Marsudi from Solo, Indonesia and then we'll be the zone leaders over there.  It's going to be a wild ride.    Love, Elder Heiner
This is a picture of me.  And part of Tangerang, Indonesia.
A fish I ate.  It was pretty good.
I still feel funny when I have to eat the bones in order to eat
the meat.  But we just eat the little ones and they are
crunchy and fried.  That is pretty normal.
A picture Elder B just forwarded to me when we we were at the
wedding a couple weeks ago.  The men all wore these hats
and held the swords.  Very traditional.
Trying to dry off after being caught in the rain.

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