Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear Everyone,
You'll be happy to know that I am safely arrived in my new area, I did have to downsize a little.  Mostly random souvenirs that I'd picked up.  I had Elder Canfield take them to the mission home while he was waiting for his new companion.  He's great.  So, I had my suitcase below 20 kilos, but then it turns out that we could only have 15 kilo on the airline that I was flying.  The overweight fee is 15.000 rupiah per kilo, which totaled to be 75.000 rupiah (I was right at 20 kilo), meaning that I paid $7 to be 10 pounds overweight.  Not too bad.  The flight was good, I slept the entire way.  There were 2 other missionaries on my flight, Elder Lie from Semarang and Sister Edwards from Utah.  So that was cool.  Surabaya's a great place, It's really hot, but that's not really different than Tangerang.  The people are not as wealthy as in Tangerang, this is a lot of more regular people.  But they're all Javanese here, which means they take naps from 12 until 2 and never actually say no and always are very polite and nice. And speak a language that I don't understand… guess I’ll learn some Javanese.  The area is mostly city, and way smaller than it was in Tangerang.  But there are a lot less members.  We have three companionships in our branch, 4 elders and 2 sisters, and then there are 6 missionaries in the other branch, too.  So the district is huge, that's cool.  My companion, Elder Marsudi, is super cool.  His home is Solo, Indonesia.  He's very well read in the scriptures, and a great teacher.  I have a lot to learn from him before he goes home on August 11.  But he's a hard worker, and he has a lot to teach me.  I'm way excited to be here.  We've got a lot to do.  Like on Thursday we're going to Malang to do splits.  So that's cool.  I'm excited to maybe see some of the people that I had met when I was there.  Who knows?  For p-day today we played futsal with the district, which was a lot of fun, and later I'm going to go and get my bike fixed up because the last elder that used it didn't get it fixed before he left.  Oh, well.  Life is pretty good as a missionary.  We're in the same house as Elder Wills (who stayed in Tangerang with Elder Barrus and Elder Sutadiyono at the end of February) and Elder Lie, who just moved out of his first city, Bekasi, where he was for 7 months.  Fun stuff. 
Love you all,  Elder Heiner
Me and Elder Marsudi
The church in Surabaya East.  It is very nice.
Me and Herbie.

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