Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

So, once again, I'm faced with the incapacitating problem that I don't know what to write about that won't be overwhelmingly boring to people who aren't currently serving in Tangerang.  Like, I'm pretty sure other Indonesian missionaries would just look at our week and think that we did what every companionship in Indonesia did.  We had plenty of miracles that other people would not blink at, and we taught a handful of lessons, and we have some progressive investigators, which is just fantastic.  But I often think that from an outside perspective, missionary work would seem boring.  But believe me, it is far from.
On the agenda for today:  We're going to Carl's Jr.  And then doing some shopping because I’ve got a few things I need to pick up.  And then Elder Canfield is going to write a letter, and we're going to pick up our pants from the tailor, and then visit a Texan and eat Mexican food because it's cinco de mayo (although there is really zero Mexican culture in Indonesia), and then we're going to visit a member.  Chalk full.
And I love you all!   Love, Elder Heiner

This might be the Indonesian hamburgler.  Or the man who
founded the apartment complex.  Or a random JB.
I'm not sure.
The local cemetery.
Guess which way Mecca is?
Caption courtesy of Elder Barrus:
They were married in accordance with the government on
Thursday.  Then in accordance with Jawa Culture, they had
a traditional Javanese wedding on Saturday.  Which means
lots of big hair, tons of  makeup, swords hanging out the back
of the guys shirts, smashing of eggs, cleaning of feet, Jawa
dances, funky music, and lots of tofu and tempeh.
It was sagat fun!

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