Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Well, I'm in Jakarta again, so no pictures and not much will get written with limited time and shared computer access.
Ramadan started yesterday, so there's no food during the day...  That's a small struggle that we will figure out.
We got into Jakarta at 9 earlier today because MLC is tomorrow.
I'm healthy and happy!

Love,  Elder Heiner

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Well, one more week has come and past, and I am always running out of time.  But that's the name of the game, I guess. 
This week has been exciting.  I went to Jakarta, and then came back from Jakarta.  I was there for almost 24 hours, but not quite.  My plane took off from Surabaya at 6 on Wednesday (in the night) and I got back to Surabaya at 7 on Thursday (also night time).  There I got to hang out with Elder Kyle, Elder Gil, Elder Murphy, Elder Blaser, and Sister Jibson.  It was quite the party, even if it only lasted for about 18 hours and the purpose was to sign for our KITAs's.  And also, most of our planes were delayed.  I don't like delays.  But it's a part of traveling in Indonesia.  The train is delayed, the plane is delayed, the boat is delayed, the bus is delayed, the helicopter is delayed, the angkot is delayed (just kidding, angkots don't have schedules, so they're always right on time).    It was Elder Wills' birthday, so we had cake and ate at A&W.  That guy is pretty dang cool.  He's one of my examples as a missionary, even though he's younger than me, mission wise.  And age wise.  He's still really cool.  Other than that, it's just been some good trying to find people to teach and also trying to stay on top of everything.  But I'm loving it!  Our AC is great, too, so that makes sleeping really nice.  I love you all!

Elder Heiner
Our planes were delayed but luckily we were in the same
waiting room!  I don't know if you can see the Krispy
Kremes but that was the purchase of the week. 
It's amazing what a dollar can get you in Indonesia.
My view out of the plane the whole ride home.
An accurate drawing of my companion and me.
I'm down to a new low.  83 kilos.
Breakfast.  Make the day better with a smile.
That's our toaster.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Well, sorry for no pictures...  I went to go send some, but I forgot my camera cord.  And then I looked at my pictures, and realized that I don't even have any to send.  So I guess this is all going to be my boring writing to you.  I'll try to remember all that happened in the last week.  No promises.  

Yesterday and Saturday was District Conference, so we attended that, and all the members from Malang came up, which was super cool.  I got to see all sorts of people that I hadn't seen in a year.  President Donald and Sister Donald also came up (because he's presiding...) so I got to see him and talk to him a little.  He's great.  We had a couple members from Tangerang because they have mission-related callings/jobs, so that was cool, too.  Earlier this week, I went on splits with Elder Haws.  I don't know if this'll get to anyone who knows him, but he is a really impressive missionary, and I was super excited to get to go out with him.  He's way brave and knowledgeable.  But the thing I like most about him is that he's always looking to get better.  It was really cool.  

I guess I haven't really told you anything about my area here, have I?  My companion is Elder S. Marsudi, but Marsudi isn't actually in his name, that's a Javanese name.  He's 24, and not really interested in a mission until his little brother left on his mission, which made him want to serve.  He's probably the most well-read missionary that I've ever met.  He knows the scriptures super well.  He's a really hard worker, but he's getting a little trunky because he's only got 2 months left.  Not that he doesn't want to work, he's just working at a regular pace, not at his usual more-than-anyone-else pace.  I'm learning a lot from him.  He's from Solo, but a different ward than Elder Sutarno.  

Here, I've kind of given up on the whole cooking thing.  It's way cheaper to eat on the streets, things that would be 15.000 rupia in Tangerang are only 8.000 or 9.000 in Surabaya.  So I'm just eating from the street, which is delicious.  Except breakfast.  Elder Rogers bought a toaster when he was here, so I've been eating toast.  It's been a great change.  Milk here is terrible.  The best kind you can get is like crappy skim milk, and it costs $3 a liter.  But chocolate milk is OK, so I try to drink some each week.  We are biking here, except when we go to Malang or Jakarta, and then we ride a plane.  I have not yet seen the ocean, It's far away, I guess, and we don't have any investigators that live there.  

My grandma had a question about old people, like if they live with their children, so I'll answer that for the benefit of the crowd (which I'm sure is mostly her and my grandpa).  Families are a very important social unit here, so they usually live together.  It's not weird to not move out on your own.  At all.  In your entire life.  I mean, at some point, someone moves away for school or work or something, but usually someone lives at the parent's house until they all move, and then the parents move in with someone to take care of the kids or cook or just hang out until they die.  It's a really cool tradition, but it's happening less and less as Indonesia becomes more western.  

Also, this week, I'm going to Jakarta again, I have to go and sign for my KITAs again.  I guess that means I've been in Indonesia for a year, which is a weird thought.  The sisters in my group got their death date, the 26th of November.  That's really strange to think about.  But I try not to that stuff much.  

Anyways, my time's up, but hopefully this was a little more interesting than "sorry I don't have time.  I'm still alive, I promise"
I love you!  Elder Heiner

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

I'm doing pretty well this week.  Lots of traveling, but it's been fun.  I'm going to be a pro at airplanes before I get moved.  The flight to Jakarta is about 2 hours, the airport in Surabaya is decently big, like SLC, and the one in Jakarta is HUGE.  We seem to be fitting in long, sweaty train rides as well.  The plans for today are:  Finish emailing, go to the ATM and get more money, traveling is expensive (We do get reimbursed for zone leader related expenses.  So that's nice.), go to the grocery store and get a hand towel and chocolate milk, go home and finish cleaning out the fridge, mop the floor, I want to scrub the wall next to my desk (I'm sounding like Mom...  But it's super gross), read out of the Book of Mormon, take a shower again, get ready to go, and then we're hoping to go to an investigator's house.  It's an exciting day.  I get to do splits with Elder Haws later this week, so that'll be a new experience.  He's a great missionary, and super funny.  We've got district conference this coming weekend, so that'll be fun.  The Malang Elders are going to sleep over because it's about 3 hours to get there, which is a long ways to go back and forth.   We were in Malang last week.  It was a little weird being back in Malang, nice that I saw a few people I knew.
Sorry to be short but I'm making a spreadsheet of our statistics to send to President so need some time for that.
I love you!  Elder Heiner
Elder Marsudi, Me, some other missionaries and
some kids at the church.
I guess this was important.
The train we rode to Malang.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Dear Everyone. 
We're in Jakarta today, and I have a shortened time to email because of the way it all works out.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'll do my best to send some good ones next week.  Highlights from the week include going to Malang, dinner with the mission couple, flying first class to Jakarta (we got bumped up, which was fantastic, and we got breakfast!), and seeing a ton of cool people here in Jakarta!  We fly back tomorrow.  We’re going a mile a minute! Bye!
Elder Heiner