Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

I'm doing pretty well this week.  Lots of traveling, but it's been fun.  I'm going to be a pro at airplanes before I get moved.  The flight to Jakarta is about 2 hours, the airport in Surabaya is decently big, like SLC, and the one in Jakarta is HUGE.  We seem to be fitting in long, sweaty train rides as well.  The plans for today are:  Finish emailing, go to the ATM and get more money, traveling is expensive (We do get reimbursed for zone leader related expenses.  So that's nice.), go to the grocery store and get a hand towel and chocolate milk, go home and finish cleaning out the fridge, mop the floor, I want to scrub the wall next to my desk (I'm sounding like Mom...  But it's super gross), read out of the Book of Mormon, take a shower again, get ready to go, and then we're hoping to go to an investigator's house.  It's an exciting day.  I get to do splits with Elder Haws later this week, so that'll be a new experience.  He's a great missionary, and super funny.  We've got district conference this coming weekend, so that'll be fun.  The Malang Elders are going to sleep over because it's about 3 hours to get there, which is a long ways to go back and forth.   We were in Malang last week.  It was a little weird being back in Malang, nice that I saw a few people I knew.
Sorry to be short but I'm making a spreadsheet of our statistics to send to President so need some time for that.
I love you!  Elder Heiner
Elder Marsudi, Me, some other missionaries and
some kids at the church.
I guess this was important.
The train we rode to Malang.

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