Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear everyone,
This week has been pretty dang normal.  We didn't leave the city, although we did do splits with the East Surabaya district.  I went out with Elder Simanungkalit, which was cool because I've been to his house in Tangerang.  Only in Indonesia...  
Other than that, things have been pretty low key.  Trying to work everything in is a bit of a trick, but I'm still loving it.
Luke asked what I’ve been eating.  It all seems so normal I don’t even think about it.   I have been eating mini bananas and toast with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, for lunch I usually eat rice with either "pecel ayam" or "sop sayur."  Pecel ayam is chicken, veggies, and peanut sauce, and sop sayur is a veggies and broth and I usually get tofu and tempe with that.  For dinner, I eat fried rice, or tofu and eggs and rice with peanut sauce, or sate, which is chicken kabobs with peanut sauce, or I eat fried chicken and tofu and tempe, or if there's something else I want, then I'll get that.  I guess I eat a lot of peanut sauce.  But I never eat ramen because ramen here is full of MSG and makes me sick.
All the new missionaries coming are now using shoulder bags and I did decide to go the shoulder bag route also, it just seemed more effective for proselyting, and it really is.  I like it better, except if it's too heavy it kind of hurts my back.  So I just keep it light.  I bought it a couple weeks ago, well, maybe a month...  I forget the time.
My mom requested that I send a gospel message, something that we taught or that I studied.  Because of my missionary memory (that is to say, if it's not in the Area Book, I don't remember it, and if I don't have the Area Book, I don't remember anything), I guess I'll share from what I studied this morning.  I read from the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay, and I read about reverence.  I think it's a principle that I have misunderstood.  I remember the primary song, "reverence is more than just quietly sitting" but I don't think it ever really made sense.  President McKay really made it clear that we need to be a reverent people, which is something President Spencer W. Kimball spoke of in his book, too.  We should be an example for the people around us in respecting those things that are of a spiritual nature, and that will help us to be more humble, more personable, and be able to feel the spirit better.  It's something that I should really work on, and that I think we all could get better at.  Reverence isn't just for the sacrament meeting room, although we must be reverent there, it really is the way we center our life on the Savior.  As he becomes the focus of our lives, we will have the utmost respect for Him and His teachings, His servants, and His children, and it will bring happiness into our lives.  That's not to say that we only have to be reverent, but that it is one thing that we must do.  Also, one of the excitements of an Elder's life is seeing what English study materials are at the house you are currently living in, and here we have a 15 year old copy of "the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles," an institute manual that is probably out of print.  I finished the gospels yesterday, so that was really good to look at the life of Christ again.
I love you, thanks for all the support and prayers!  Elder Heiner
Me and Elder M.  The view from the Anderson's 18th
floor apartment.
The rare motorcycle/pick up truck half breed.
Now if only I could figure out how to get this to America.
Look, it's a rice field!
A statue in town.
I'm not really positive what this is
but it looked cool.

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