Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dear everyone, 
So, it's been pretty much 2 weeks since I've said anything about life as a missionary, so you'd think that I have lot to say...  Well, that's kind of right.  One of the cool things was that last week was Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) so I got to go to Jakarta, that’s where I emailed from last week.  We did p-day over there too, and for that, we watched “The Lego Movie.”  It was the best non-church movie I've seen in over a year.  Man, I laughed so hard.  It was probably a strange sight to see, all the missionary leadership in Indonesia plus the regular missionaries in Jakarta sitting around the mission president's TV and watching a bunch of stop motion Legos.  But it was so dang good.  Then Tuesday was the meeting, and President has a couple of changes, most of which are pretty lame from the outside world but great for us, so I won't bother talking about that.
One of the big changes is that we're using Facebook to proselyte!  Please don't try to look me up, I can't receive your friend request, and it's not even me.  It's a page for the zone leaders in East Java, so when I move, I won't be on it, but the page will be up.  It's all in Indonesian, and we just post stuff from and chat with everyone.  I even sent you the only picture with me in it.  But it's cool, and we have 5 hours a week to use Facebook, and so far it's been pretty cool.  We're still finding people to befriend, but it's fun.  
At church, it's pretty much the same as other areas.  The lesson is from the same book, Joseph Fielding Smith or the Old Testament, or if it's Gospel principles, then the gospel principles book.  In priesthood quorum (we're still a district here, so there are no high priests), we always talk about doing our home teaching and we have to put the chairs away after meetings.  The church is the same wherever you go.  Only the language is different.   It's important that we go, and there are plenty of good speakers, too.  I love going to church.  Plus, without it, I wouldn't be able to tell which day was Sunday.
We went to Malang last week, and I did splits with Elder Siahaan.  He's from Bogor, and he's brand new, and we had a great time.  I really enjoy doing splits, I learn a lot from everyone.  
We had Zone Conference this last Friday, and I was the one conducting...  It's a little different from the front, but still fun. The main point is that we tell everyone what we talked about in our MLC meeting, and then we give a little lesson.  It really was great, but we missed the Williams.  They're the Malang mission couple, and they went home a week ago.  It was sad, but there's a season for everything, I guess.  They were really great people.  It's kind of sad because they were there when I was brand new, and now they're home, and before too long, everyone who was in the mission field when I got here will be gone.  That's a strange feeling.  But there's a season for everything, I guess. 
I know you’ve celebrated the 4th, we've had a lot of fireworks here, too.  It's the start of Ramadan, so there are a lot of people who like to celebrate.   For fun today, we're going to go to a mall and find some t-shirts.  It sounds pretty lame, but it'll be good.  There's a soccer team here in Surabaya, and the fans are called "boneks" (pronounced Bow-neck, bow like bow and arrow).  So we want a shirt. 
I'm out of time so I'll try to get to mom's other questions next time around.  Things are pretty good here, I'm still enjoying life.  Healthy and all that.  I love you!
Elder Heiner
Me at a college campus in Malang.
Me at Monas in Jakarta.  This is the national
monument for Indonesia.  It is in a big park.
Our Facebook Picture.
Me and some deer in Surabaya.
I found this sign quite funny.
Elders Wills, Lie, Anderson, Marsudi, and Heiner
Food pics... Dove
Stingray.  No worries, I didn't get sick.

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