Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Well folks, it's been a great week.  We've been all over the country (not really, just to Jakarta and back) and seen the zone.  I've now been on 11 domestic Indonesian flights on 6 different airlines.  Garuda is the best and Lion is the worst.  We flew Air Asia and Batik this week, Air Asia is OK, and Batik is super nice.  Almost as good as Garuda, but not quite.  Jakarta was nice, we got some good training from President Donald, so that's great.  I love learning from him.
On Friday, we had our ZTM, little zone conference, which was fun.  I was happy to see all of our missionaries there, and they're all doing well.  I really love getting together with everyone.  We made some good goals, and I think that these next four months are going to be really good ones.  
My new companion is a really hard worker, and we're doing good stuff.  We find ourselves speaking a lot of English.  He's from Ohio, he's the 9th child of 11, and we might be the tallest companionship in the mission.  We're like the same height, but it's taller than most people, let alone Indonesians.  
We had a p-day going away party with pizza and a movie.  The party was for Elder Marsudi and the Andersons, our mission couple.  They're from Las Vegas.  They’ve been great to work with.
We went to the park the other night, and there was an owl festival (we didn't know beforehand, but it was cool.)  Some of them were trained to be able to grab small dead mice out of your hand and then land on a guys arm behind him.  They were so cool, but I didn't try it because they didn't let us, and because owls have big claws.  Also, "owl" in Indonesian translates to "ghost bird" which is cool.  
It's been a fun week, and I'm not really sure what else to tell you, so that's that!  I'm still healthy and happy and busy and all that jazz.  It's a blast.
Love,  Elder Heiner
With Sister Anderson, Elder Marsudi, and others at the
going away party.
In Jakarta with other missionaries in my MTC group.
I still don't know who decided to trust us.
Like my new suit?  There are times I want to wear one.  Did
I mention, it is Louis Vuitton.  And it's fitted.  Yeah,
it's totally real.

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