Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear everyone,
Well, this week has been pretty good, we finally got past the mission standard of excellence for lessons taught, that makes one week in a year and a bit.  But it was great, and we worked hard.  
This blog will be answering questions from my mom since asking where the Christians live doesn’t often make for the best stories.  I guess I mentioned that we're using facebook, so I'll explain a little about that.  We use the family history computers in our church for an hour a day, and that's pretty good.  We're trying to get more effective at it, and it's slow but I can see it working very well.  We watched Elder Bednar's devotional last night while waiting for statistics, the Sweep the earth as with a flood one.  I'd like to encourage everyone with a social media to really promote goodness and share what the church has.  It will help this work go so much quicker, you can be a part of the Lord hastening His work in His time.  It's really great.  What a blessing.
For my clothing, shoes, and stuff, it's holding up great.  Those of you going on a mission, I recommend CTR clothing's shirts and socks.  The socks don't have holes or anything, they still have all the elastic stuff, which is nice, and the shirts aren't quite white anymore, but they don't look nearly as bad as a lot of other Elder's stuff.  
We're eating out a lot, just because we're trying to spend as much time out of the house as possible, and also because I'm bad at cooking.  Killing 2 birds with one stone.  It hasn't lent to any weight change, I'm still about 83 kilos, depending on the time of day.  And I'm always lighter on Sundays (no buying food).  I have stayed amazingly healthy.
I got a new suit (maybe you noticed).  A dude in Pasar mayestik made it for a great price, and it's way nice.  Fitted and everything.  It's great!  But worthless here in Surabaya, we never wear suits out here.  So it's still in the mission home.  With my other one from the states...  

I love you!  Elder Heiner

Our New Facebook Picture
Trying out a new haircut.
Mission Leaders
Photo Courtesy of Sister Donald.
A tricky shot from our last mission leadership conference.

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