Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2015

Hi everyone,
So I guess I've been slacking on the story telling, so here's a fun story.  I included a picture of the guy, so you should get an idea of who were talking to.  I was out on splits with Elder McCleary, who is really cool, and we didn't have any appointments, so we decided to do that usual Indonesian Missionary thing where you ask where the Christians live and then knock on just those doors, and it works because Christians love talking to other Christians.  We found this man, (who claimed his name was Robin Williams, I'm not sure if I believe it).  He's from Timur, which means East, (Indonesian place names are really creative), and he was down to hear the Restoration, and he's going to read the Book of Mormon.  So that's good.  But he's going home to Timur for two months, so we'll see him again later, I guess.  But he was a funny guy because he is potentially the largest Indonesian with the largest beard I have seen in a long time.  He was very funny, and he owned the world's largest bible, so that was cool.  He also had the Jehovah's Witness translation of the bible, which is illegal to print here in Indonesia because all the rights are held by the Indonesia Bible Society, and they don't let anyone print their own bible, including us.  So we just use the random generic bible.  There are a bunch of translation errors, so we always have to be careful and read the scriptures we pick beforehand.  Otherwise Job ends up saying the "I shall see my redeemer without my flesh" and Jesus tells his parents that he "must be in his Father's house" and not "about his Father's work".  But the Book of Mormon is good.  So that's a plus.  
This week was pretty normal.  And by normal, I mean that we stayed in Surabaya Timur the whole time, which isn't really normal, but it works out.  I'm healthy, but Elder Headrick and I need to lay off the ice cream.  I'm trying to exercise every day, but I've only made it one day so far.  We'll see where it goes.  We're getting the bikes serviced today, my pedals are broken, so that's been annoying for the past 2 weeks or so.  Anyways, it's been real.
I love you! Elder Heiner

The man from the story.
Maybe sitting isn't the best perspective.
Indonesia's largest Bible.  It is the special Indonesian
translation from the Lambaga Alkitab Indonesia.
I now have full trust in a toaster oven.  Who knew it could be
so versatile.  First pork chops, then bread, now Betty Crocker
Chocolate Fudge cake.  Shout out to Sister Donald, thanks for
the chocolate frosting recipe.  And no, we don't have a real oven.
From last week... what it takes to get 12 missionaries
to Malang and back.  Yes, train tickets.
Best zone ever.

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