Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

So, this week we're in Jakarta again, and I'm distracted by all the other missionaries here, and so this might be pretty bad.  
This week has been pretty good, we went to Malang and I worked with Elder Siahaan from Bogor.  He's great, and I really liked it.  We took the train there and back, and so it was fun.  And hot, and sweaty.  
And that was it for out of the ordinary stuff.  I don't know what else we did.  Seriously.  It seems strange, but I don't remember anything, days just run together.  I do know we did a lot of good stuff, and we worked hard, and I am very tired.  Enjoy the pictures.
I love you!  
Elder Heiner
Me in my biking gear.
We ride bikes a lot here.
In the train.
And the award for "the worst place to poop"
goes to...
Just an average street corner in Surabaya.
Me and a giant banana.

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