Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Well, this week has been exciting.  I love being a missionary.  I think back, and it seems like a normal week, but then I realize that we went to Jakarta and everything there, so it turns out that it wasn't a normal week at all.  Monday was normal, we did preparation day stuff, we played basketball at a member's house, and then Tuesday was pretty slow, a lot of people cancelled on us.  And then Wednesday we went to Jakarta, and Thursday we were there, Elder Headrick hung out with his MTC group until they went home, and I went out with Elder Blaser and Elder Garth, who is brand new.  He seems pretty cool.  Elder Blaser is cool, as normal.  Then Friday we had MLC and it was great.  And then we went home.  So now I've flown 15 times within Indonesia, kalau enggak salah (which means "if not wrong," or I think...).  Saturday we had our district meeting and our branch mission leader meeting and English class.  We taught a couple people, but not very many. There wasn't a lot of time.  And we did weekly planning on Sunday, so that took a bunch of time, too.  Today we played volleyball at the other church with all the Surabaya missionaries, then Elder Headrick and I got haircuts, then an investigator took us to Pizza Hut, which is a really high class restaurant here in Indonesia.  Next he took us to the doctor because Elder Headrick's shoulder has been hurting for a while and Sister Donald told us to go to the doctor.  We taught that investigator, and then we went to another investigator and he wasn't home, and that brings us to now, we're emailing. 
This coming week looks good, we're going to have our zone training meeting on Friday, and then Friday night we're going to Malang to do splits. Sunday we're doing a presentation about facebook in church, and then we're going to do p-day in Malang for the first bit, and then use the other half to travel back to Surabaya.  So that's going to be fun.  They're getting 2 new elders there, and they just moved houses, and the rumor is, there's a ghost in the house… So that should be fun.
I'm reading the Doctrine and Covenants in Indonesian for my language study.  It's been fun.  I have the institute book for it, which is interesting, too.  Fun note, the word for covenant in Indonesian is just "promise" with emphasis.  "Janji" means promise, and "Perjanjian" is covenant.  The Per- -an beginning/ending combination makes it an abstract noun.  If you wanted to know.
I think that's about it.  We're still working hard and doing good.
I love you,

Elder Heiner
I know these guys... past comps.
This statue means "2 children enough".
This is a sign on all the buss-way buses.
A random neighborhood.

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