Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey, so sorry, the computer I'm on and my camera don't seem to like each other, so you don't get any pictures...  I had a good one of our zone, and one of Surabaya from a plane at night, and some random pictures of regular Indonesia.  So I guess you're missing out this week.  Maybe next week. 
This week was a really good one.  We went to Jakarta on Monday and then came back on Tuesday.  I have noticed a trend:  I have taken 13 plane rides in Indonesia, and also 13 hot showers in Indonesia.  If I learned anything from my stats class, it's that correlation means causation, so I'm pretty sure that taking hot showers causes riding in a plane.  This needs further investigation.
On Friday, we went to Malang for our ZTM, which was good.  Six hours in the train (round trip) and a 2 hour meeting followed by 2 ish hours of mass splits, it was a good day, too.  Shout out to anyone who knows Elder Martineau, he's great.
Other than that, things seem pretty normal.  For p-day, we're going to order pizza and watch Wreck it Ralph, which should be a blast.  I'm stoked.

Love you,  Elder Heiner

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