Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Well, another week has come and passed; who would have thought it went so fast, wake me up, when six thirty comes...
This week was pretty much just like last week.  Except we didn't go to Malang, and we had conference, and well, I guess a lot was different...  It was a good week.
Conference was super great.  I really enjoyed things, even though I didn't understand everything since we listen to Indonesian translators.  Like President Monson in his Priesthood talk, used a lot of boat-related vocab, and I haven't got to that point in the language...  So that was rough.  And the ones that were not English in the first place were a little difficult because the Indo translators were a little confused, it seemed.  It was still pretty good.  I really enjoyed Elder Scott's talk, and President Eyring's talk.  They were so good.  I love listening to the Prophets and Apostles.  What an uplifting weekend. 
We had a pretty awkward situation the other day.  We got into a man's house, and he told us that it had been a really long time since he'd seen us, but he was glad we finally came around.  We asked him what he was talking about, and it turns out that 2 or 3 years ago missionaries had come by and taught him.  It ended by him telling them that he wasn't interested at all, but if they wanted to join Catholicism, they could come back and he'd set things up.  Other than that, they were only allowed back on Easter and Christmas.  It wasn't Easter or Christmas, so he thought that we were at his place ready to become Catholics.  That was a funny situation, but we invited him to conference and never saw him again... 
Also, we found a house full of people from a different island, and we went there twice last week.  We taught 17 different people there in two sessions, and they seem really cool.  The hard thing is going to be meeting them consistently.  They're all college students and none of them are from here, and it's crazy at their place.  But they are good people, and we'll be back there a few times this week.   So that was fun. 

I love you!  Elder Heiner

Me in front of our house.
You know when the missionaries go anywhere.
We went to the wedding of a recent convert.

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