Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well, this week was pretty dang quick.  It's crazy how time flies when you're busy.  
I went on splits with Elder Martineau earlier this week, and that was great.  He is a fantastic missionary, even though he's only been here for 2 months.  I was very impressed with him; he's a great teacher and a great listener, and a very humble man.  I really like him.  Also, he had some Reese's Peanut Butter cups from his family and he shared them, so he's also selfless.  A way better man than I, I don't think I shared those in America, where you can get them anywhere.

We taught a bunch of people this week, and one's super cool.  He's Muslim, and about 19 years old.  He works with one of the sister's investigators, and came to English class a handful of times.  He's super cool, and he read some of the Book of Mormon that the sister's investigator had, and he really liked it so he asked us if he can also learn.  He prayed and asked about God and felt the spirit, and he wants to get baptized, but his family may not be supportive.  We've only met with him twice, so we're going to talk about that the next time we meet.  He's so ready for the gospel, just like most of Indonesia, but he's humble enough to look for it, so he found it.  He also wants to be a missionary.  I hope that his family will not be a problem...

Life in Indonesia is good.  It's an adventure every day, but a very small adventure and they all blend together so that I don't have very much to say.  
I love you!

This is a picture of me.
The words say "Free Parking".
This is a very, very large mall.
We met an investigator here.

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