Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

 Hey everyone!
This week has been pretty exciting.  We did missionary work, but I can't really remember anything from Monday until Thursday because of my 4 day memory span.  Rest assured, we did missionary work, we do a lot of that.  On Friday, we had our ZTM, which was fun.  It was in Surabaya, and then I worked a little with Elder Getter, who is a pretty cool guy.  He's from Utah, like 75% of the white missionaries here.  He's a good worker, and we taught a lesson, used facebook, ate chicken, and then the Malang missionaries, me, and Elder Headrick got on a train and came to Malang.  Saturday I worked with Elder Wills, who is one of my favorite missionaries.  Probably because we were in the same house for 3 months.  It was pretty great.  Sunday we went to church in Malang, and had a good time, and I got to see a whole bunch of people that I hadn't seen for over a year, and we also did a presentation about facebook at the church which was really good.  And now we're still in Malang until noon, when we get on a train to go to Surabaya.  The plan is to watch a movie.  It's going to be fun!  
I can't wait for conference. I’ve hear it’s really great. We’ll get to listen next week.
Elder Heiner

In Malang.
In the Zone.

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