Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well, here I am on a different island.  Weird.  This week was pretty good, very quick, though.  I am a little confused at how it all happened so quickly, but here we are.  If you were wondering, Manado is wonderful.  I have some pictures, and I'll send those.  My companion is Elder Hetharua (sorry if you were misled because I said someone else last week...  That's my bad).  He's from Bekasi (I've been to his house...), and he's a fantastic missionary.  He's new, 4 days now plus 12 at the MTC, and he's teaching me lots.  He's humble, and obedient, and ready to learn, and life is good. 
The district is good.  Elder Eyre has been here for 3 months and this is his first city, Elder Budi has been a missionary for 6 months and this is his 2nd city.  All 4 of us Elders live together.  Sister Wihanda has been a missionary for 6 months and this is her 2nd city, and she will be training a new missionary starting on Thursday.  She's now with Sister Jibson from my MTC group, who goes home on the 26th.
We're searching for investigators, but it seems like after this week we'll be able to really hit the pavement and know where everyone lives and where things are, and so I'm excited to be able to find my way around. 
It rains here, too.  Which is strange because it didn't rain the whole time we were in Surabaya.  I bought another $2 umbrella, and it's come in handy.
Later, we're going to a waterfall with the mission couple, and then we have an appointment with an investigator.  I have never met him, but I did text him, and he wants to meet, so that's a good sign.  Life is good here.
I love you!
Elder Heiner 

A bonus message from Elder Hetharua, answering Audrey’s question of how Elder Heiner is treating him… “he is good and i think he is missionary ferry ferry awesome”.

Me and our house.
The church.
It's in an office building, much like the ones
in Bekasi and Tangerang.
This is right next to the church, about a 3 minute walk.
One place we ended up this week.

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