Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

This week has been pretty good, I enjoyed it.  It was also really fast.  I'm not really sure what happened, other than riding angkots and looking for people to teach.  We're still searching.  The other Elders are having great success, and so are the Sisters, so we're just trying to hold on tight and contribute to the work here.  There are so many people in this area, though.  It's so dang cool.  I love it here in Manado.  There are a million people, and they're all super nice, and about 900,000 of them are Christian, and they want to hear about the gospel.  It's hard to find addresses, though, and a little flaky, so if they say that they'll call, it doesn't mean a whole lot.  But the people are really friendly and like to talk to us.
We did have an earthquake...  It was a pretty interesting experience, and there is no damage at all, as far as I can tell.  We were studying, and I thought that my chair had started to buckle.  I have a bad habit of leaning back on my chair, so I thoughts the legs were giving in.  So I looked down, but all four were on the floor, when I looked up, my picture of the portland temple was shaking, and the fan was shaking, and my glass of water was shaking, and my companion said, "earthquake."  Then we went outside onto our driveway and waited it out.  We definitely felt it, and I think had it been any bigger/longer, there would have been problems.  But it was only sideways movement, as far as I can tell, so it wasn't a big deal. Nothing fell over and it was all fine.  It started in a different providence, and it sounds like there was some damage over there, though.  We were on a tsunami caution for the rest of the day, but nothing happened like that.
We did a service project at a sister's house who is a hoarder.  She could have been on the TV show.  Well, I've never actually seen the TV show, but from what I understand, she could have been on the show.  We filled a concrete dumpster (about 2 cubic meters, I think) with her trash.  It was more trash than I've ever seen.  I was amazed.  I can't imagine how you live like that.  And her house leaks, so under it all was a ton of mud.  It was no good.  We spent 2 mornings working on that, and it was really really gross.  We wore masks and everything.
But it's a lot better now.  Hopefully her habits change, too.
Anyways, have a good week.

Elder Heiner
Me and Elder Hetharua at the waterfall we visited
last week.
Elder Budi, Elder Hetharua, Elder Eyre, and me, our district.
The coastline.
Rain, lots of it.
One of the pretty places in town.

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