Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hello everyone,
This week has been pretty normal.  I did regular missionary work, I got to do a baptisimal interview, and it was a good experience.  It was super far away.  We had to ride an angkot, another angkot, and then a bentor, which is that motorcycle thing with a basket in the front.  They live in the coolest place, and the husband (who's a member) climbed up a palm tree and cut down a coconut (the green kind, not the husky kind) and cut it open so we could drink it immediately.  Only in Indonesia.  The wife got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday, and it was great!
We didn't end up eating rat last week, they were sold out.  One of these days.  People here eat weird stuff.  Like bats and rats and dogs and cats.  Hopefully I get to eat all of that!  And hopefully it tastes good.  I've already had boar (here it's called forest pig).  That's pretty common, though.
We had Thanksgiving at the Welch's last night, and had a farewell for Sister Jibson at the same time.  They made way good food, and pie, and it was amazing.  I ate too much (surprise) and regretted it for the rest of the day.  But it was so tasty.  I don't actually regret it. 
People in Manado have been listening to Christmas music for 2 months now, from what I hear.  There's no Halloween or Thanksgiving to get in the way, so they get a huge run up.  The Christmas songs are exactly the same, English and everything.  Some of them are weird club remixes or rock covers. I also hear that when December rolls around there'll be lots of Santa’s and Pete's running around.  Pete is Santa's black friend (they paint someone black) who puts naughty kids in a sack and takes them to church and lectures them about how they need to be good or they won't get any presents. 
The Sisters that came to Indonesia with me are essentially done with their mission, which is really weird.  They'll go to America tomorrow night.  So I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I'm pretty sure I still have about 2 years left, right?  What happened to the time... 
Well, have a good week,
Elder Heiner
The coconut a member cut off his tree for me.
Then he cut off the top and put a straw in it.
We rode this bentor to get to his house.
The angkots in Manado are all tricked out.  This one had a disco
ball.  Angkots are like minivans with a bus route.
The district before Sister Jibson went home earlier today.
The mission couple here is the Welch's.  They're super cool.
They are from Arizona and Brother Welch taught with CES
for 30 years.  They are taking us to the beach later today. 

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