Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Guess what?  I'm moving on Thursday!  Who has any guesses where I'm going?  No one?  Well, that's all I can expect, because I'm writing to myself...  Also, most people in America have no idea about any cities in Indonesia, so that's to be expected, I guess.  I'm going to move to Manado.  And because that means nothing to you, let me describe it to you (from what I understand).  It's on a different Island, and it takes about 3 hours in a plane to get there from the mission home.
It's in a different time zone.  There is a branch, with 40 or so active members, mostly young single adults.  The church is on the beach.  The city is all Christian.  It is an angkot area.  There are 4 Elders and 2 Sisters and a mission couple, and I'll be the District Leader.  I will also be training a missionary from Bekasi named Elder Boenari (not sure on the spelling).  Crazy stuff.
Other than that, the week was good.  I went on splits with Elder Anderson here in Surabaya, and he was a really impressive missionary.  He's been here for 3 months, and he's super humble and his language skills are really good.  I'm very impressed with his diligence, and he'll be training the cousin of the missionary I'll be training this coming Thursday.  Small world.  I also went out with Elder Getter this week, in Malang.  He's another great missionary.  He's a hard worker, and he has the greatest desires to be the perfect missionary.  He's been here for 1 month, and he's made a lot of progress.  Those were fantastic learning experiences for me, and I really appreciated it.
Time's up!  I love you!

Elder Heiner
In Malang.
A random spot.
I'm not sure what this kid is up to,
but he was having a good time.
PLD a couple of weeks ago.

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