Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear everyone,
This week was pretty good.  I enjoy being here in Manado.  It's like we're in the jungle.  Except with regular things, like running water (even if you can't drink it, and it's cold), and grocery stores, and places where we can email home.  It's been pretty rainy recently, which is nice because it isn't that hot, but not that nice because it's wet.  
I got to go on splits with Elder Eyre this week, and that was fun.  He's a solid missionary with a really good work ethic, and he's really good at talking to people.  He's always ready to talk to everyone, everywhere, which is awesome.  I really enjoyed working with him. We are going to eat later today as a district.  We have 6 missionaries and a mission couple, I'll send a picture.  3 of the missionaries are from Java.  We don't have zone leaders out here because we aren't a zone.  We are the only district our here and we are way out in the boonies.
Thanksgiving was this week, and I forgot.  It happens when the Christmas season is in all the months that end in "ber."
The cost of gas went up in Indonesia about 10 cents, so now all the angkots are more expensive by about 6 or 7 cents.  You'd think that doesn't make a difference, but it does.  That's about 50 cents a day, and when I try to live on $5 a day, that changes things.  But not that much, we're still doing fine.  Don't worry.  
I went through some really old teaching records last night, which was fun.  There's a box full of them.  Literally.  There's records going back to 2009.  I want to try a lot of them, but the information is not complete...  So just a heads up to all you future missionaries, make sure the information on your records is complete.  They need an address and a phone number, and if neither of those are on there, it's hard to get a hold of people.  And by that, I mean impossible.  So just do it.  You'll help the missionaries that are there in 5 years.  
I think that's all I have to say.  I always forget what cool stuff happened.  It's a good thing I keep a journal.  Oh yeah, I hit the 8 year anniversary of keeping a daily journal.  That's a milestone for sure.  I recommend keeping a journal, it's nice.
Love,  Elder Heiner
We went to a beach.  There's the Welch's (that's the mission couple),
 Elder Eyre (the only other white guy that's not me or the Welch's),
 Elder Budi (he has glasses), Elder Hetharua (my companion), 
Sister Wihanda (she's from the same ward as Elder Budi),
 and Sister Baricante (she's from the Philippines).  
The shirt... was given to me by an investigator down
in Surabaya.
This is what it looks like everywhere once you get about 
20 minutes away from our house.  
It's like we're in the jungle all the time.
Elder Eyre and I rode in the back of a truck, but it's OK
because it had roofs and seats.  And we pay for it because
it is the way to one of our investigators houses.
The view from a member's house.

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