Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hello everyone,
First, I would like apologize for the lack of pictures.  I am currently emailing on the Welch's computer (we came here for p-day to watch the Christmas devotional), and I don't want to risk giving a virus to this one.  You'll just have to wait till tomorrow.  And by tomorrow, I use that in the Javanese sense that means on a day in the future. 
This week was pretty good.  It's now December, which means that Manado is in CRAZY mode.  There are people who dress up as Santa Clause and as his sidekick Sinter Pete, and they ride around in a truck and Santa gives the nice little kids presents and Sinter Pete takes the naughty little kids, puts them in a bag, drags them to church, sits them down and tells them that they need to shape up or they won't get anything.  Pete is way scary. He's painted black with a white face, and most children are scared of him.  And they roll around town in the back of a pickup and blare Christmas music REALLY loud.  It's a very strange tradition. 
We didn't have a whole lot go on this week.  Because Christmas is starting up, a lot of people are really busy and trying to meet with them is difficult.  They don't want to make appointments, so we have a lot of no-sure-appointment time.  But everyone is really happy, and they like to talk to us, they just don't really want to let us in.  It's OK, and it's this way every year, from what I hear from other missionaries, but it makes things pretty slow. 
We had another earthquake, or so they say.  This one wasn't big enough for me to feel it, so it probably wasn't anything to worry about. 
Life in Indonesia is pretty normal.  It's still about 90 degrees every day, and it rains for part of almost every day, and some days for a long time and some days for just a little.  I bought a new umbrella (I didn't bring the one from last rainy season in Tangerang), and it's just about destroyed.  It's okay because I only spent 20.000 rupia on it.  And it's lasted me a month.  But now when I use it, everyone just laughs at me.  I'll have to take a picture so you can laugh too. 
Anyway, that's about all I've got time for. I'm going to the airport here in a little bit, my flight to Jakarta is at 2:50, and I get into Jakarta at 5:10.  There's a one hour time difference, so it's a pretty long flight.  Jakarta traffic is pretty gnarly at 5, so chances are good I'll get in at 8 tonight or 9. Tomorrow is MLC, it will be fun.  Have a good week! 
Love,  Elder Heiner

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