Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hello everyone.  Things are good this week.  I still like being a missionary.  Here's a cool story about one of our investigators:  We were on an angkot going back to the area of our house, and the angkot driver decided to take some random shortcut.  We got a ways down the hill, and it stopped to pick someone up.  As the angkot was stopped, a 12 year old kid looked from the outside of the angkot and saw the Book of Mormon I was holding.  He asked if it was a Book of Mormon, I said yes, and he said that they had one of those, and then the angkot left, and I was too shell shocked to stop it, so we went on our way.  I asked the lady next to me what the kid's name was and where he lived, and so the next day we came by the same spot, and there he was.  He and 2 friends were getting some cooking oil, and they took us back to their house.  One of the 3 people is 18 and he is the one who really wanted to learn.  But he was crazy because his mom died a year ago and he didn't have proper grief counseling.  But he read the Book of Mormon and the teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith and the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson and the Gospel Principles book, and as much other church materials that he could get a hold of, and he stopped being crazy.  It was kind of gradual, but it was seeable.  I was amazed at the peace I could see in his face.  He was able to concentrate, hold better conversation and a lot of other really amazing things.  It was super cool, and he's going to get baptized on Saturday. 
Other than that, I got to go on splits with Elder Hetharua, which was like old times again.  And also with Elder Campbell.  He's super cool.  He and I can talk for hours which is really weird.  It's because we're both geeks who read a lot of books and stuff.  It was great fun.  They're both awesome missionaries.
Gotta run, Bye!

Me and a Jesus statue.

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