Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Hello everyone,
This week has been really typical.  No one came to visit, and we taught a bunch of people, which was fun.  And I went on splits with Elder Campbell and then Elder Honda, and it was great.  They're both great Elders who are making good progress and becoming better.  I am happy to have worked with them.
The Sisters had a baptism this week, and that was pretty great.  I always like seeing that, it helps everyone to work harder, and helps the members to see that things are moving along.  It was the 6th in our branch this year, which is great!  It's been a great year.
When President Donald was here last week, he went to a couple of lessons with us.  And when we got out of one of them, we walked up some stairs to the road, and there was a car, and its front tire popped right there in front of us.  So President Donald and I swapped it with the spare, and Elder Sinaga talked to the guy, he's 18 and a senior in high school, and we taught him immediately, and we've been there 3 more times since, and that's where we're headed later tonight, so it's been really great.  He's a great investigator, and he would have come to church last week, but there was Easter, which is a really traditionalized holiday here.
Things are still nice here, it's pretty hot, and not too rainy, and I'm still healthy.  Life is good.
Elder Heiner
Birthday picture from last week.
Eggs and flour tradition.
And my cake.
At least he's got no blind spots.
False advertising at it's finest.

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