Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hello, everyone,
So....  We had a good week, and this next week is going to be the best week.  We're going to make it the best week.
The highlight was when we had a baptism for an 11 year old son of a new member.  His dad baptized him, and it was a really neat experience.
Because my life seems really boring from a non-Elder Heiner point of view, how about you just come by the house in 11 or 12 days and I'll answer all your questions.  Then you can just hear the cool stuff you're interested in and not just a bunch of boring writing.  I'm not lacking motivation to do missionary work, but writing this just seems kind of pointless because I'll be home so soon, and it would be so much faster/easier in person.  So have a great week!
Elder Heiner
We did some service out in the middle of nowhere.
It was great.
Pretty much the biggest spider I've ever seen.
It fell down from a tree and passed out (we think).
It is about as big as my hand all spread out.
I have a picture in comparison with my foot but for some
reason the computer won't let me send it.
Me on the volcano.

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